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DRAEGER ALCOTEST 9510 – OPERATOR'S MANUAL. **DO NOT USE DRAEGER INSTRUMENT UNLESS CERTIFIED TO OPERATE**. EVIDENTIAL BREATH TEST SEQUENCE. STARTING A BREATH TEST. Depending on the length of time between breath tests the instrument may have to go through the WARM UP ...

Draeger Operator's Manual.pdf

Dräger Alcotest® 9510

In many countries the results of breath alcohol testing are admissible as evidence in court. Instruments used for these meas- urements have to fulfil very tight require- ments and have to be very reliable. The. Dräger Alcotest 9510 represents a new generation of breath alcohol measuring instruments. It is designed to comply.


Draeger Alcotest 9510 Technical Manual WA State Version 3.2.pdf

i Confidential. Alcotest. ®. 9510 Technical Manual. Washington State. Version 3.2 . For use by Washington State Patrol Breath Test. Program for training and legal purposes ...

Draeger Alcotest 9510 Technical Manual WA State Version 3.2.pdf

Breath Alcohol Training Plan

Apr 22, 2015 ... Draeger 9510 reference manual. 2. Draeger 9510 Users guide. 1.8 BREATH ALCOHOL ANALYSIS STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE. 1.8.1 The Analyst in Training must convey their understanding of the analysis protocol in. SOP 6.0. 1.8.2 Analyst in Training must describe how operators and ...

Breath Alcohol Training Plan - rev 0.pdf

DRAEGER ALCOTEST 9510 for Legal Professionals

3. DataMaster/DataMaster CDM. Draeger Alcotest 9510. Ethanol Detection. Technology. Infrared (IR). Infrared (IR) and. Electrochemical Cell (EC). Software Updates. Manually replace EPROM chip Remotely or via USB Drive. External Standard. Ethanol Wet Bath. Ethanol Dry Gas. Internal Standard. Quartz Plate. IR Energy ...

WSBA CJI Draeger Presentation.pdf


Aug 28, 2007 ... subjected itself to the Supreme Court's directive that Draeger ultimately provide the source code to the defendants' software ... The planning and documentation of the design is haphazard. Sections of the original .... antiquated 7110 with a newer Windows® based version, the 9510. The computer code in ...


Breath Alcohol Analytical Methods

1.0 Background/References. 1.1 Background: Idaho Administrative Code, IDAPA 11.03.01 requires that each breath testing instrument have performance verifications on a schedule established by the Idaho. State Police Forensic Services Laboratory. The verifications are performed using a premixed alcohol simulator ...

Breath Alcohol Methods rev3.pdf

the analytical limitations of modern breath alcohol testing

Jul 5, 2017 ... analysis for evidentiary breath machines, and assuming ideal conditions and application, it can be a reliable method to detect the concentration of alcohol vapor in a breath sample. Much like its fuel cell counterpart, however, current. 92. Alcotest 9510 Technical Manual Washington State Version 3.1, supra ...


Draeger Memorandum of Decision

Feb 16, 2017 ... litigation permitted a defense request for dynamic as well as static analysis of the Alcotest 9510 source code.2 As a ... Proper static analysis must be accompanied by a manual review of the .... of the approximately 350 Massachusetts Alcotest 9510 devices had been inspected, and not one was set correctly.


Dräger Alcotest® 5510 Alcohol Screening Device

Alcotest® 5510 offers professional users precise and quick breath alcohol analysis in a user-friendly and compact form. ... The Dräger Alcotest® 9510 is a sophisticated dual sensoric breath alcohol measurement instrument. ... Passive sampling without mouthpiece or manual initiation of sampling possible. Ready for use.


The Massachusetts Prosecutors' Manual: Operating Under the

The Massachusetts District Attorneys Association and this author express their deep appreciation to the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security, Highway Safety. Division, without whose support and generosity the Massachusetts Prosecutors OUI. Manual would not have been created. This author would like to  ...


Breath Testing for Prosecutors

This document was produced thanks to a charitable contribution from the Anheuser-Busch. Foundation in St. Louis, Missouri. Its support in assisting local prosecutors' fight against impaired driving is greatly acknowledged.This information is offered for educational purposes only and is not legal advice. . Points of view or ...


State v. Barone

Jan 6, 2015 ... The defendant was then transported to the Redding Police Department for breath test sampling using the ''Draeger Alcotest. 9510'' (Draeger machine).4 The first sample, taken at .... odor of alcohol, his inability to follow instructions in that he's attempting to obtain his driver's license but is unable to do so, ...


Connecticut Department of Transportation 2015 Highway Safety Plan

The goal of the Connecticut Highway Safety Program is to prevent roadway fatalities and injuries as a result of crashes related to driver behavior. Under the Highway Safety Act of 1966 (U.S. 23 USC- Chapter. 4) the Governor is required to implement a highway safety program through a designated State agency suitably ...


16-569 Breath Alcohol Calibration

Oct 19, 2016 ... This report contains the data received from the participants in this test. Since these participants are located in many countries around the world, and it is their option how the samples are to be used (e.g., training exercise, known or blind proficiency testing, research and development of new techniques, etc.) ...


The Science Behind Breath Testing for Ethanol

Sobriety Testing Student Manual. II-1 (Feb. 2006) citing ... the Future of Breath Testing with the Draeger, in UNDERSTANDING DUI SCIENTIFIC .... Draeger. 9510. No. Yes. Yes. Intoxi-meters. EC IR II. Yes. No. Yes. National. Patent. Data- Master. Yes. No. No. Many states require that the law enforcement officer who conducts.


product guide > > > respiratory protection

N9510F. (nose seal). N1125. P1135. P1135 - 1. N1139. P1130. N9520F. (nose seal). N1125 - OV. N1125 - AG. P1115. HC - NB095. HC - NB295F. Flat Fold. W1400. Molded Cup. Non-Valved. Molded Cup. Flat Fold. OV Nuisance. Molded Cup. AG Nuisance. Molded Cup. There are many options to choose from when ...


Conforming Products List

Jun 14, 2012 ... Instructions to this effect are stated on all packaging accompanying the device. Accordingly, the device should not ... For valid readings, the user should follow the manufacturer's instructions. Readings should be taken one ..... Draeger Safety, Inc. (aka: National Draeger) Irving, Texas: Alcotest Model: 6510 .


Annual Report: July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016

Jul 1, 2015 ... As the prior year's number was 248, this reflects a stable level of insurance re- documentation. Sixty (60) commodity awards are currently being managed for the use by our departments. Most require rebidding on an annual basis, a few have option years that may be engaged if it is in our best interest to do.


Lista equipamentos aprovados

AlCOTEST 9510 PT. Desp. n.º 2960/2016. DR 26 de fevereiro. Desp. 701.51.15.3 .41,. DR 15/01/2016. Lion. Alcometer 700. Desp. n.º 11485/2016. DR 27 de setembro. BALANÇAS/INSTRUMENTOS DE PESAGEM. MARCA. MODELO. APROVAÇÃO. DGV. ANSR. IPQ. RAVAS. 3097. 14-10-88. Desp.,.

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