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Infectious Disease Control Guide for School Staff 2014

Prepared by: • Gayle Thronson, Former Program Supervisor, Health Services, Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction. • Gail Park Fast, RN, MN, NCSN, School Nurse Corps ..... several of the diseases addressed in this manual are vaccine-preventable, it is expected ..... In Washington State, bats and, very rarely, dogs or.



Pinworms may also deposit their eggs along the perineum and even in the vagina. The females usually die after depositing their eggs. Humans are the only known natural hosts; pinworms do not live in dogs and cats. Clinical Course. Pinworm infection can cause intense itchiness in the perianal region. Persistent scratching ...


A Quick Guide To Common Childhood Diseases

Head lice, ringworm, scabies, and pinworms are spread by direct contact with a person who has them when: • People are very close .... The BC Health Handbook is available from a variety of resources in the ..... Giardia can infect humans and animals (e.g., cats, dogs, cattle, deer, and beavers). A person infected with giardia ...


Prevention and Control of Communicable Diseases

Jul 11, 2011 ... Communicable Disease Investigation Reference Manual located on the Department of Health and Senior Services ... These fact sheets have been designed to provide specific disease prevention and control guidelines that are consistent with the ... Pets in Childcare Settings and Schools. 50-52. Swimming ...


Child Care Provider's Manual

Child Care. Provider. Manual. A Guide for Child Care. Professionals in Idaho. A Resource for the Health and Safety of Children in the Child Care. Environment. October 2016 ...... Informational Letter for Parents Pinworms . ..... Keep food stored off the floor and protected from dust, flies, pets, water, and chemicals. Do not store.


Disease Handbook for Childcare Providers

Handbook. For. Childcare Providers. New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services. Division of Public Health Services. John Lynch, Governor ... Pinworms (1 page). Polio (See Poliomyelitis). Poliomyelitis (1 page). Rabies (2 pages). Roseola (1 page). RSV (1 page). Rubella (German Measles) (1 page).


Kansas Classroom Handbook of Communicable Diseases

Sep 24, 2015 ... Handbook of. Communicable Diseases. Kansas Department of. Health and Environment. Curtis State Office Bldg. 1000 SW Jackson, Suite 075. Phone: (877) 427-7317. Fax: (877) ..... Pinworm Infection (Enterobiasis) . ..... contaminated raw (unpasteurized) milk, or from contact with infected pets. (especially ...


Child Care Manual

Apr 6, 2005 ... Child Care. Manual. A Guide for Child Care. Professionals in Idaho www. idahoSTARS.org. April 2005. RReevviisseedd 1122////0055////0077 ..... Informational Letter for Parents Pinworms. ..... Keep food stored off the floor and protected from dust, flies, pets, water, and chemicals. Do not store under plumbing ...


The Humanure Handbook - A Guide to Composting Human Manure

some fecophobes will always remain fecophobes. The Humanure Handbook — Chapter 7: Worms and Disease 121 ...... in the dust from school rooms and school cafeterias. Although dogs and cats do not harbor pinworms, the eggs can get on their fur and find their way back to their human hosts. In about one-third of infect-.


Child Care-School Manual

This manual is an easy reference guide that addresses: ... Pets should be routinely checked by a veterinarian and fully vaccinated. Be aware that although ..... exclusions apply (see page 3). Pinworms. No. No. Pneumonia. No, unless general exclusions apply (see page 3). No, unless general exclusions apply (see page 3).



The information in this guide is based on the latest recommendations addressing health and safety in childcare settings from ...... Childcare Manual. 27. Pets in the Childcare Setting. Many childcare providers who care for children in their own homes have pets. Pets can be excellent companions for children. Pets can meet.


The Good Health Handbook: A Guide for Those Caring for Children

Pet allergies p. 29. • Plastic p. 29. • Radon p. 29. • Recycling and garbage storage p. 29. • Education and awareness p. 30. Immunization Information p. 31 ...... p. 299. Pinworms p. 301. Pneumonia p. 303. Respiratory Syncytial Virus ( RSV) p. 305. Ringworm p. 307. Roseola p. 309. 219. Good Health Handbook. 2015 ...


Humanure Handbook - Third Edition

sance animals such as dogs. A pile makes it easier to layer or cover the compost. When a smelly deposit is added to the top of the pile, it's essential to cover it with clean organic material to eliminate unpleasant odors and to help trap necessary oxygen in the pile. Therefore, if you're going to make. The Humanure Handbook ...



Pinworm infection affects people of all ages and income levels. ... household members and caregivers of persons with pinworm infection. Cats and dogs are not involved in the spread of pinworms. How are pinworms spread? Pinworm infection is ... Control of Communicable Diseases Manual (19th ed.) Washington, D.C: ...

DC-48 Pinworms fact sheet 04-13.pdf

Communicable Disease Guide

Introduction. This guide was developed by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) to furnish .... In dogs, cats and ferrets, this period is usually three to seven days before signs of illness due to rabies and ...... through articles/items contaminated with eggs of the pinworm, e.g., clothing, bedding, food or anything placed.


Somalia Standard Treatment Guidelines and Training Manual on

Somalia Standard. Treatment Guidelines and. Training Manual on. Rational Management and. Use of. Medicines at the Primary. Health Care Level. Second edition ...... However, the nature of the injury and the signs and symptoms may give you an indication of the location and a rabid dog. When a patient presents with a.


Parasitic Agents

General Issues. Additional details about occupationally-acquired cases of parasitic infections, as well as recommendations for post exposure management, are provided elsewhere.1-3 Effective antimicrobial treatment is available for most parasitic infections.4 Immunocompromised persons should receive individualized.


Infection Prevention & Control Manual for Child Care Providers

Instructions for Mixing Bleach and Water . ..... ringworm and pinworms (through bed linens). Fecal-Oral. A person swallows germs that ..... brain infection appear including confusion, restlessness, drooling, and irritability. In majority of cases, infection is fatal. For dogs and cats: 3 to 7 days before the onset of symptoms and .

Infection Control Manual for Childcare Providers.pdf


Our Vision – Student Success! NURSING PROCEDURE. MANUAL. Revised 6/ 2014. School Board Approved 8/2014 .... Pinworms (Enterobiasis). 8-41. Ringworm (Tinea). 8-42. Rubella - German .... The Nursing Procedure Manual contains guidelines, procedures and protocols, to be utilized by school staff and health care ...