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PSYCHOMETRIC CONVERSION TABLE. Standard Score. Percentile Rank. Scaled Score. ETS Score. T-Score. Z-Score. Description. 150. >99.9. Very Superior. 149. >99.9. Very Superior. 148. 99.9. Very Superior. 147. 99.9. Very Superior. 146. 99.9. Very Superior. 145. 99.9. 19. 800. 80. +3.0. Very Superior. 144. 99.8.


Raw Score to Scaled Score Conversion

Oct 21, 2002 ... Purpose. • What are “Scaled Scores”, why are they used and what are they good for? • Gain a conceptual, if not specific understanding of scaled scores and augment ..... scale! Last Year's Test. Our Test. Total Score at 65%. Passing Standard. Rasch Theta. Value. Rasch Theta. Value. Equivalent 65% Total.


Crawford: D-KEFS Supplementary Methods Running Head: D-KEFS

Expressing scores and confidence limits on scores as percentile ranks. Expressing an achievement score or Executive Index score in the form of a percentile rank is easily achieved: the score is converted to a z score and the probability for this quantile (obtained form a table of areas under the normal curve or algorithmic.


Converting standard scores to percentile rank

frequency of a behavior. Raw scores are converted into standard scores, percentile ranks, grade-equivalent, and age-equivalent scores. What are standard scores? Standard scores are raw scores that have been converted so they have a Mean and. Standard Deviation. Most test scoring systems have a Mean of 100 and a ...


DKEFS Sample Report

Score Report. Name: John Smith. Test Date: 12/31/02. Scaled. Score. Primary Measure: Completion Times. Condition 1: Visual Scanning. Raw. Score. *A low or high contrast scaled score may reflect different cognitive problems; see examiner's manual. Condition 2: Number Sequencing. Condition 3: Letter Sequencing.

DKEFS Sample Report.pdf

Using the WASI–II with the WISC®–IV: Substituting WASI–II Subtest

Nov 1, 2011 ... First, the WASI–II T scores are converted to a scaled-score metric per Table A.2 in the WASI–II Manual. The converted scores then replace the scaled scores of the corresponding subtests on the WISC–IV, which was administered after the WASI– II, to derive the new composite estimates. Table 1 contains the ...


Standard Score Conversons to Percentile Ranks and Qualitative

Normative Test Score Conversions and Qualitative Descriptors. %-ile 100/15. 50/ 10. 10/3 descript. %-ile. 100/15. 50/10. 10/3 descript. >99. 139+. 76+ 18-19. Signif. 50. 100. 50. 10. 99 133-138 72-75 17. Above. 49. Average. S. 98 130-132 70-71 16. Average. 48. T. 97 128-129. 69. 47. 99. R. 96 126-127 67-68. Above. 46. 49.


The Delis-Kaplan Executive Function System

Fluency Test, the D-KEFS Design Fluency Test, the D-KEFS Color-Word Interference. Test, the D-KEFS ... in the Weschler Intelligence Scale for Children ( WISC-IV; Weschler, 2003) and allow for an integration of ..... For most of the measures provided by the D-KEFS tests, raw scores are converted to scaled scores, with a ...



score equivalence between standard (paper) and digital administration, and scoring formats. If ... third study evaluated four Delis-Kaplan Executive Function Scale™ (D-KEFS™; Delis, Kaplan, &. Kramer, 2001) ... require the examiner to record and score an extended oral response, were found to be equivalent. The last two ...


CVLT-II and Selected D-KEFS Subtests

Kaplan, & Ober, 2000) and four Delis-Kaplan Executive Function Scale (D-KEFS; Delis, Kaplan, &. Kramer, 2001) subtests: Design Fluency, Verbal Fluency, Color- Word Interference, and Trail. Making. A goal for the initial test adaptations to the Q-interactive platform was to maintain raw-score equivalence between standard  ...


Pocket Guide to Test Scores

Most educational test scores are reported as a Standard Score or SS. Others are reported using other schemes such as T scores, Z scores, or Scaled Scores. To better understand the relationship of such scores convert the reported score to a percentile rank. The chart above shows the relationship between various derived  ...


Delis-Kaplan Executive Function System Performance as Measure

oriented measure scores, and (3) the clinical utility of the DKEFS in diagnosing ADHD in adult males. A sample of 37 ... Keywords: Delis-Kaplan Executive Function System, ADHD, DKEFS, Executive Dysfunction ...... equivalent to 1.5 standard deviations or greater from the mean, although more liberal allowances would start ...


Assessing dimensions of executive function in community-dwelling

Oct 23, 2013 ... The low D-KEFS scores indicate difficulties in generating new concepts, inhibiting previous conceptual thoughts, or initiating novel ..... Published by Sciedu Press. 23. Table 2. Medical conditions for community-dwelling elders with Adult Protective Services validated self-neglect in this study (N= 50). Type of ...


Creativity Lost

Mar 1, 2007 ... the WASI IQ indices and the D-KEFS scores, each D-KEFS scaled score was first converted ... This transformation was accomplished by first converting par- ... Table 2. Description of Selected Executive-Function Measures. From the Delis- Kaplan Executive Function System (D-KEFS). Executive-Function ...


Cognition, Mood, Disability, and Quality of Life of Patients With

tive Failures Questionnaire, CH cluster headache, CVLT California Verbal Learning Test, D-KEFS .... Scores. Table 1.—Demographic and Clinical Details of Patients with Episodic (ECH) or Chronic Cluster Headache (CCH) and Healthy. Controls (HCs). HC. ECH. CCH ..... However, conversion of the scores into scaled .


Executive functioning in three groups of pupils in D-KEFS: Selected

17) from all the values of the standard score. Since the US standardisation established separate norms for the groups of 9 year olds and 10 year olds, to enable comparison with our groups we used the average of the central values of the raw scores of both age groups. Table 5. Raw Score of 16 D-KEFS Indicators ...


Construct validity of the Functional Assessment of Verbal Reasoning

Background: The Functional Assessment of Verbal Reasoning and Executive Strategies (FAVRES) is a measure of cognitive-communication and executive functions involving everyday tasks. Scores are predictive of employment status; however, the measureLs construct validity is unclear. Objective: The studyLs objective ...


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Jan 1, 2009 ... 57. Table 6.2. Differences between the SC and HC Samples on D-KEFS tasks ( Raw Scores)........ 59. Table 6.3. Ipsative difference scores between multi-level skills and basic skills for Trails, Verbal ...... each condition, and process scores with normative conversions include total number of correct responses ...


Construct Validity of the D-KEFS Sorting Test: Standard and Non

Aug 4, 2015 ... Sorting Test (WCST), although Sort Recognition Description Score was significantly correlated with Categories .... Evaluating D-KEFS Subtests as Modern Analogues of Established Measures ....... 37 ...... equivalent half tests, ranges from .72 to .86 in the Free Sorting Confirmed Sorts Condition, .73 to .83 in  ...



Apr 11, 2016 ... •ADHD. •TBI. •Mild Cognitive Impairment. •Dementia of the Alzheimer's Type. • Depression. 13. Test Structure for WAIS-IV FSIQ: Big 4. FULL Scale IQ. Verbal .... Do the subtest scaled scores of interest differ significantly from the mean of the other subtests ..... -Conversion & Somatoform Disorders: There is no ...