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Kaleidoscope of thoughts, ideas and reflections based on Visions

Prokofiev's diaries indicate that he considered his Mimolyotnosti (fleeting visions) ,. 2 Freeze, G. (2002), Russia, A History. New York, USA: Oxford University Press, p231. 3 Shlifstein, op.cit., p.47. 4 ibid., p.50. 5 Prokofiev, S. (2008) Diaries 1915- 1923, Behind the Mask, translated from Russian and annotated by Anthony ...


Soviet Influence on the Music of Socialist Republics

Can I count on coming back [to the West] or will [the. Soviets] stop me?” 27. 25. Sergei Prokofiev, Sergei Prokofiev Behind the Mask: Diaries 1915-1923 (New York: Cornell University Press,. 2008), 509. 26. Prokofiev, Behind the Mask, 508. 27. Sergei Prokofiev, Sergei Prokofiev: Soviet Diary 1927 and other Writings ( Boston: ...


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Jan 1, 2013 ... 'The Black Book of Imperial Russian Jewry,' 1914-1915. Chapter 4. Witness Behind a Mask: Isaac Babel and the. 158. Polish-Bolshevik ...... studied during his ethnographic expedition and later assisted during World War I. Like An-sky, Babel recorded his wartime experiences in a diary. In 1923 he began to.


Russian Movement Culture of the 1920s and 1930s A Symposium

Aug 2, 1987 ... ... diary entry of April 7, 1918, in. Diaries 1915-1923: Behind the Mask, trans. Anthony Phillips. (London: Faber and Faber, 2008), 279. 16. Bolshoi Theater Museum. 17. Rimskii-Korsakov, “Iz rukopisei o russkom balete kontsa XIX- nachala XX v.,” 76-77. 18. Even standard bureaucratese—certifications of ...

Russian Movement Culture Corrected July 2017pdf.pdf

Acute-care hospitalizations and Aboriginal identity in Canada, 2001

ISSN: 1915-5190. ISBN: 978-1-100-15682-8. Statistics Canada. Health Analysis Division. 24-M R.H. Coats Building, 100 Tunney's Pasture Driveway, Ottawa K1A 0T6. Statistics Canada. Telephone number: ..... health characteristics, and thereby, may mask differences across Aboriginal groups. As well, the extent to which.


the fur trade and early capitalis development in british columbia

and animal pelts, and in copper shields, masks, boxes and other artifacts." The ... Sapir (1915:130) identified three distinct classes: the nobility, commoners ...... Lewis, W.S. and P.C. Phillips. 1923. The Journal of John Work. Cleveland: Arthur H. Clark. Little, M.E.. 1934. Early Days of the Maritime Fur Trade, 1785-1794.


Custom Adoption

Feb 15, 2013 ... Legislative recognition of customary adoptions has lagged behind judicial recognition. Statutory recognition ... Saskatchewan go beyond the mandate of this project, this report summarizes the information provided during ..... They included the right to names and titles, the use of masks and symbols in rituals ...

Custom Adoption Final Report 2013(2).pdf


Moccasins . . . . . 206. Tobacco? Bottle. 209. Pieces of Buckskin. 210. Heavy leather ..... 210. Buffalo Robes. 211. Dance Masks ........... 212. Medicine Bundle. 215. Textiles. 2] 6 .... Dance mask of buckskin representing the. Female God. 214. 30. .... collected by Earl Morris in 1915 from the Gobernador locality. These items  ...


Lost Silent Films

Please note that this compilation is a work in progress, and updates will be posted here regularly. Each listing contains a hyperlink to its entry in our searchable database which features additional information on each title. The database lists approximately 11,000 silent features of four reels or more, and includes both lost ...

Lost silent.updated_122916.pdf

Visions of World War I: Through the Eyes of Käthe Kollwitz and Otto

motivation behind the outpouring of drawings, prints, sculptures, and paintings for both artists was ... overwhelming injuries to the face and head.9 Introduced in 1915, poison gas ravaged troops who ... 14 Hans Kollwitz, ed., The Diary and Letters of Käethe Kollwitz Translated by Richard and Clara Winston. (Evanston ...


Terror Weapons: The British Experience of Gas and Its Treatment in

Office, 28 June 1915. debate about the future use of chemical weapons.21 However, with the exception of Tim. Cook's study of Canadian gas services,22 less .... Great War, based on Official Documents (London, HMSO, 1923), pp. ..... mask, having previously, incredibly foolishly, often left it behind in my dugout, and used.


Vice Presidents of the United States Calvin Coolidge (1921-1923)

Calvin Coolidge (1921-1923). Citation: Mark O. Hatfield, with the Senate .... Republican nominee, William Howard Taft, had come in a distant third behind the more progressive candidacies of. Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. ... In 1915 he was elected lieutenant governor, and on. January 1, 1919, he was inaugurated as ...



Total value of gold, silver, copper, lead, and zinc produced in Colorado from1859 to 1923, by years____________ ..... also description of localities of discoveries on Cherry Creek in 1849 and 1858 in Richardson, G. B., U.S. Geol. Survey Geol. Atlas, Castle Roca folio (No. 198), p. 12, 1915. ... and soon traveled far beyond.


The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology

assemblage and relate just a few of the unusual stories and personalities behind the technical ... Take his pocket diary entry for 25 July 1923, for instance, which ... workmen excavating the tomb of king Den at. Abydos around 1900. Opposite: The UCL. Egyptian displays of beads, photographed in. 1915 (PMAN6044). The.


Dada, Surrealism, and Their Heritage

In the preparation of this exhibition and book I have been fortunate to have received the generous help of many people who were directly or indirectly part of the Dada and Surrealist movements. Foremost among those to whom. I owe a debt of gratitude are two men intimately connect ed with The Museum of Modern Art, who ...



Brooks, Van Wyck (1915). America's Coming of Age. ..... Diary. Special Collections Department, William R. Perkins. Library, Duke University. Fabian, Ann (2000). The Unvarnished Truth: Personal Narratives in. Nineteenth-Century ..... “Franklin's sanity and the man behind the masks” in Lemay, ed. (1976a), pp. 123–138.


access to justice for deaf persons in nunavut: focus on signed

Special thanks are due to the deaf people of Nunavut and their families who gave so freely of their time. They are all very special people and I can only hope that the results of this project will justify their efforts. Janet McGrath was of immense help with advice and with the telephone survey. Special thanks are also due to ...


Genocide: A Comprehensive Introduction

Armenian men being deported from Harput for mass killing, May 1915. 107. 4.2. Armenian refugees, 1915. 108. 5.1. A supporter of Stalin and Lenin carries their portraits in ...... were (and are) to find themselves beyond the “universe of obligation,” in sociologist. Helen Fein's evocative phrase. Hence the advent of “ religious ...


A War of Images: Otto Dix and the Myth of the War Experience

1923) and the triptych Krieg [War] (1929-1932), and the cycle of etchings Der Krieg .... the Iron Cross for bravery in 1915. ..... 1923), p. 129. cosy, almost homely images of life behind enemy lines that filled the Reichsarchiv series of the 1920s (figs 8-9). While the myth “sought to mask war and legitimize the war experience,.


Woolf in the Real World

Virginia Woolf at Garsington, 1923. Original photograph, 3 x 5 inches ... 2. THE WRITINGS OF VIRGINIA WOOLF. Susan Rubinow Gorsky • The Mask/Masque of Food: Illness and Art .. ...... Own, Woolf writes in her diary, “Starved but valiant young women—that's my impres- sion. Intelligent, eager, poor; & destined to become ...