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International democracy promotion and democratization in the

behalf of all EU member states, and has historically sought to promote democracy and human rights through a series of policies which emphasize cooperation with its southern neighbours in the EU neighbourhood.18 The US commits the most resources to its democratizing mission through foreign aid and democracy ...


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interests among eU member states to ensure that countries in the east are prosperous, stable, and democratic. .... nothing less than promoting democracy, economic prosperity, and security. However, the way ...... B. Berti, K. Mikulova, and N. Popescu, Democratization in EU Foreign Policy: New Member. States as Drivers of ...


Why No Backsliding? The EU's Impact on Democracy and

democratization and democratic consolidation in the post-communist democracies of Central and. Eastern ... international drivers of post-communist democratic reforms and the mechanisms through which external .... the EU and in the new member states, there was wide agreement that, after accession, there is a sense of ...

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External Influence and Democratization: The Revenge of Geopolitics

Oct 4, 2014 ... nal democratizing actor—at least when EU membership is on the table. Until recently, relations between the ... ceive of this state of things as a rivalry between democracy promotion and autocracy promotion ... their foreign policies around support for democracy and opposition to tyrants just for being tyrants, ...


The Research Field of Democracy Promotion

Jul 16, 2012 ... democratization. The growth of interest proved to be tremendous. In January 2010, an American bibliography of democracy promotion listed more than .... For EU member states, these numbers are complemented by other resources. The money spent by the EU's European Instrument for Democracy and ...



The Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) is an independent policy research institute based in Brussels. Its mission is ... Does the EU promote democracy in Palestine? 131. Nathalie Tocci. Parties of Power as ... lines of democratisation in the European neighbourhood – states of the former Soviet Union to the east and ...



Democracy assistance or democracy promotion is one of the widely used terms of the current foreign policy discourse. The notion appeared for the first time in the focus of attention of foreign policy in relation with the period which was characterized by Huntington as the 'third wave' of democratization. The related ...


Democratization and Security in Central and Eastern Europe and

3 According to Samuel P. Huntington the “third wave of democratization” started with Portugal's. Carnation Revolution in 1974. Since then at first several European states became democracies, followed by countries in ..... Republic were both members of the “New Europe” basing their foreign policy on a similar logic, the two ...


Democracy Promotion paper170214

US Democracy Promotion in a Changing World www.chathamhouse.org. 2. SUMMARY POINTS. • Democracy promotion has long been a key component of US foreign policy, based on the belief that democratization abroad contributes to achieving American security and economic objectives. However, the United States ...


The democracy promotion policies of Central and Eastern European

Laurynas Jonavicius is the Head of the Policy Analysis and Research Division of the Eastern Europe Studies Centre and a lecturer .... member states. The identity question. Another important factor, which contributes to the importance of democracy promotion in the new member states' foreign policy agendas is the need to ...


Regime Change and Conflict Recidivism within Rivalry: Interludes in

Jul 3, 2013 ... KEYWORDS: Regime Change, Democratization, Survival Analysis, Conflict Recidivism. Introduction. The promotion of democracy is a cornerstone of the foreign policies of Western democra- cies. For example, a ... Similarly, NATO membership requires aspiring states to be democratic and to respect civil ...



May 25, 2011 ... the Union and its member states face many challenges and ... not be attributed to CEPS, IOB or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of .... case. With increased differentiation, there is a risk that the promotion of stability and security will be prioritised at the cost of democratisation. Moreover, the shift towards ...


EU Leverage and National Interests in the Balkans: The Puzzles of

remain largely unchanged: EU Member States still see enlargement as a matter of national interest, bringing long-term ... argue that the enlargement process continues to have a 'democratizing effect,' as Western Balkans ... the most successful democracy promotion policy ever implemented by an external actor. While in ...

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Building an EU member state through democracy promotion : The

PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION. REFORM. Summary This contribution studies the process of building an EU member state through democracy promotion in the case of Croatia with a special focus on two reform initiatives ... Keywords Croatia, democratization, democracy promotion, European Union, external- domestic interplay ...


1 Select bibliography Acemoglu, Daron and James A. Robinson

Sep 15, 2007 ... Democracy. New York: Cambridge University Press. Adcock, Robert and David Collier. 2001. 'Measurement validity: A shared standard for qualitative and quantitative research. ... 'Can the United States promote democracy?' Political Science ... 'Babel in democratization studies.' Journal of. Democracy 16 ...


Europeanization beyond Europe

Apr 17, 2015 ... Keywords: democratization, Europeanization, policy diffusion, security/ .... expanded the scope of Europeanization analysis to the “quasi-member states,” specifically Norway and Switzerland ... To be sure, the study of EU foreign policy and external relations has become a growth industry in EU research.


Democratisation's Third Wave and the Challenges of Democratic

increasingly engaged in state-building and democratisation efforts in 'fragile states', this report focuses on states ... 'Good Governance, New Aid Modalities and Poverty Reduction' addresses changes in governance and how ... War, democracy promotion became a key element of foreign policy and development assistance.



these democratic values in new political orders of states that can be considered as potential future members of the Union. However, the aim and the scope of this paper is less broad than examining the overall process of europeanization 'from without' in terms of its utility over the democratization process of an outside EU ...

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International actors, democratization and the rule of law

International Actors, Democratization and the Rule of Law makes an important contribution to our knowledge of the ... The primary objective of the new Contemporary European Studies series is to provide a research outlet for scholars of European .... focus on the EU's foreign policy and democracy promotion. Ali Çarkog lu is ...


How does the European Union Foster Democracy in ACP-states via

researches and foreign policy of Western governments. Furthermore, the questions how political regimes effect on economic development and how developed states can promote democratization are still essential and base for important debate in economic and political science. At the same time, more and more studies and ...