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MICROWAVE. CONVECTION/GRILL OVEN. MODEL NO. KOC-9Q3T / KOC- 9Q3TC. DESUK_KOC-9Q3T7R.indd 2. 2014-10-07 오후 5:20:36 ..... You have chosen a Daewoo Combi- Microwave Oven. Daewoo offers a variety of quality ... Please read the user manual very carefully before starting to use the appliance.


Daewoo KOC9Q4T

Place food or microwave-safe cookware directly on the glass turntable. 2 Roller Guide - The roller guide must be in place when using the oven. IMPORTANT : The roller guide must be placed at the centre of the oven cavity. 3 Metal Rack - Centre the rack on the glass tray when using the grill cooking, convection cooking, and ...



May 27, 2014 ... KOR-9GPB _3. You have chosen a Daewoo Microwave Oven. Daewoo offers a variety of quality products that would make your life more comfortable. Please read the user manual very carefully before starting to use the appliance. Just for your information, the manual also provides recipes. Enjoy cooking!



Before operating this oven, please read these instructions completely. Customer Helpline number: 0844 887 2525. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS. & COOK BOOK . MICROWAVE OVEN. KOR-6L5R ...



You have chosen a Daewoo Microwave Oven. Daewoo offers a variety of quality products that would make your life more comfortable. This microwave oven combines the properties of a microwave with those of a traditional oven. Please read the user manual very carefully before starting to use the appliance. Just for your ...


30 Litre microwave oven User manual Model number: RHM3003

30 Litre microwave oven. User manual. Model number: RHM3003. Important safety instructions, please read carefully and keep them for future reference .... This is called a wave-guide cover and allows the microwaves to pass through to cook the .... GRILL/COMBI Press this button to use the grill and combination cooking.


Instruction manual for combination microwave oven

instructions have been given so that the child is able to use the oven in a safe way and understand the hazards of improper use. 4. Warning: When the appliance is operated in the combination mode, children should only use the oven under adult supervision due to the temperatures generated. (only for grill series). 5.


Microwave Oven Instructions

Specifications. Power Consumption. 230V/50Hz,. 1400W(microwave); 1200W( grill); 2050W(convection). Output. 900W. Operation Frequency. 2450MHz. Outside Dimensions. 303mm(H)×504mm(W)×489mm(D). Oven Capacity. 25Litres. Cooking Uniformity. Glass turntable. Net Weight. Approx.18.6kg. Installation Guide. 1.



roasting and baking. Your cookbook begins with an introduction to the principles and techniques of convection microwave cooking, then explains convection and combination cooking, and includes cook- ing methods, charts and recipes. For some foods you will find directions for both combination cooking and microwave  ...



Antes de operar su horno de microondas, favor de leer este manual de usuario. MANUAL DE USUARIO. Y RECETARIO. HORNO DE ..... Utilice este equipo sólo para el propósito por el cual fue diseñado, especificado en este manual. ..... Grill/ Combi - Usado para el cocinado Grill y combinado. Zer-On - Use para cambiar la  ...


Wiring Diagram

designed in this manual before the oven. Is released to the owner. E. A microwave leakage check to verify. Compliance with the Federal performance. Standard should be performed on each oven prior to release to the owner. F. Do not attempt to operate the oven if the door glass is broken. Parts Layout. Schematic Diagram.


Oven Manual

same as specified on the oven name plate located on the back or on the side of the control panel of the oven. Use of a higher voltage is dangerous and may result in a fire or other type of accident causing oven damage. Low voltage will cause slow cooking. In case your microwave oven does not perform normally in spite of.

LG LCRT2010BD Oven Manual.pdf

Installation Instructions

This microwave oven is for installation over ranges up to 36 wide. ‡ If you are going to vent your microwave oven to the outside, see Hood Exhaust Section for exhaust duct preparation. ‡ When installing the microwave oven beneath smooth , flat cabinets, be careful to follow the instructions on the top cabinet template for ...



For your safety, the information in this manual must be followed to minimize the risk of fire explosions, electric shock, or to prevent property damage, personal injury, or loss of life. PRECAUTIONS TO AVOID POSSIBLE. EXPOSURE TO EXCESSIVE. MICROWAVE ENERGY. 1) do Not Attempt to operate this oven with the ...


23 litre Air Fryer Microwave Safety and Instruction Manual

Safety and Instruction Manual. 5. Helpline: +44 (0) 333 220 6066. Technical Data . Description: 23 Litre Air Fryer Microwave. Model: T24002. Rated Voltage: 220 – 240V ~50Hz. Microwave: Input Power: 1280W. Output: 800W. Frequency: 2450MHz. Grill: 900-1000W. Convection Oven: 2100-2300W. Documentation.


Owner's Manual

Original Instructions. The information contained in this manual is important for the proper installation, use, maintenance, and repair of this oven. Follow these procedures and instructions to ... Only use utensils that are suitable for use in microwave ovens (IEC 60335-2-90). X .... If the oven is being placed near a grill or stove,.


ductless mini split air conditioning systems instruction & installation

The air conditioner is made up of two or more units connected to each other through copper pipes. (properly insulated) and an electrical connecting cable. • The indoor unit is installed onto the wall of the room intended to be air conditioned. • The outdoor unit is installed on the ground or on an outdoor wall using suitable ...


Microwave combination oven cookbook

contribute to this by helping you enjoy your love of cooking. Every day, knowledge, curiosity, routine and the unexpected all converge in our Miele test kitchen. This booklet draws together our experience, excitement and passion for experimenting in the imaginative yet easy-to-prepare recipes we have created for you to try.

Microwave_combi _oven_cookbook.pdf

Microwave Oven

Microwave Oven. Installation Manual. Introduction. Your Over-the-Range microwave oven comes complete with an installation instruction kit which contains the following three pieces of information required to install it. I. This installation instruction booklet, complete with diagrams on preparing your cabinets and microwave ...


microwave oven sa37x

ABOUT THIS MANUAL. 담. 당. 박대형 님. 브 랜 드. DAEWOO. 언 어. 영어. F. MODEL. KORM1B4K9S04/KORM1B4K9U76. B. MODEL. SA37X. B U Y E R. 0TEK향. COUNTRY. 인. 쇄. 중국. MEMO. 총 29p. 연락처. VISION 담 당. 방 문 수. TELZ 730M0660 FAXZ 730M3788. 11.10.28M표지 신규 1p. 14.05.19M7p 수정 신규 1p ...