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Pulmonary Complications of HIV Infection: Report of the Fourth

Lung Biology and Disease Program, Division of Lung Diseases, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda,. Maryland. The Fourth ... HIV Infection was sponsored by the Division of Lung Diseases. (DLD) .... with a parallel down-regulation of cytokine expression, and re- turn of normal ...


Toll-like Receptors, Notch Ligands, and Cytokines Drive the

Jun 7, 2007 ... In this setting, cytokine biology is also linked to Toll-like receptors. (TLRs) in the maintenance of lung immunity, as the activity of this receptor–ligand system by both leukocytes and stromal cells is likely an important component of disease chronicity. The participation of dendritic cells via TLRs in chronic lung ...


Acute Lung Injury and the Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Centennial Review. Acute Lung Injury and the Acute Respiratory. Distress Syndrome. Four Decades of Inquiry into Pathogenesis and Rational Management. Michael A. Matthay and ... Lung biology in health and disease, vol. 179. Lenfant C, series ..... chemokines, cytokines, and lipid signaling molecules ( 54–58). PMNs are ...


Particle and Fibre Toxicology

Cytokine responses of human lung cells (BEAS-2B) treated with micron-sized and nanoparticles of metal oxides ... the proinflammatory cytokines IL-6 and IL-8 by human bronchial epithelial cells treated with manufactured nano- and ...... In Lung Biology in health and disease Volume 141. New York , Marcel Dekker; 2000. 4.


Proinflammatory cytokines and eosinophil cationic protein on

tory cytokines and eosinophil products in in vitro lactoferrin glandular secretion from human nasal mucosa and the ... obstructive pulmonary disease.19,20 Granule proteins released by activated eosinophils and neutrophils may ..... Lung biology in health and disease. Vol. 97. New York: Marcel Dekker Inc; 1997. p. 651-85.


Endoluminal Metastases of the Tracheobronchial Tree

3 Evans D, Shaw R. Genetic factors. In: James DG, ed. Sarcoidosis and other granulomatous disorders. Lung biology in health and disease (vol 73). New York, NY: ... Tumor necrosis factor- promoter gene polymorphisms in sarcoidosis. Cytokine 1997;. 9:787–790. 18 Takashige N, Naruse T, Matsumori A, et al. Genetic poly-.


Sample Proposal

and lung NKT cells were significantly lower in patients with pulmonary sarcoidosis compared to controls. Thus,. NKT cells are ... primary analyses will compare NKT cell cytokine responses in ~60 subjects with sarcoidosis to age-, sex- and ... The role of NKT cells in human health and disease is under intense study. In some ...


Canines as Sentinel Species for Assessing Chronic Exposures to Air

and resulting in airway and vascular remodeling and altered repair. Cytokines released from both, circulating inflammatory and resident lung cells in response to endothelial and epithelial injury may be playing a role in the pathology described here. Deep concern exists for the potential of an increasing rise in lung diseases ...


Ventilator and Amplifier use in Hyperventilation Inducing release of

lated mouse lung where frequent perfusate sampling allows determination of mediator release into ... lease of cytokines or eicosanoids from lung tissue, we devel- oped the model of the isolated perfused and ventilated mouse lung. This set-up allows experimenters to (1) ...... Lung: Lung Biology in Health and Disease , Vol.

HS14 vent and amp.pdf

Concordance Between In Vitro and In Vivo Dosimetry in the

alveolar region (PAR) of the lung has been identified as a key site for the retention of respirable particles, as it receives high deposition but has slow .... cytokines and chemokines has been a staple test used to discrim- inate between pathogenic and ..... 187 in Lung Biology in Health and Disease.New York: Marcel . Dekker.

Donaldson_2008-Inhal Toxicol.pdf


Jul 1, 2002 ... DEVELOPMENTAL DIFFERENCES IN THE ROLE OF INTERLEUKINS IN HYPEROXIC LUNG INJURY IN. ANIMAL MODELS ...... Cytokine networks and leukocyte recruitment. In: Cytokines in Pulmonary Disease: Infection and Inflammation. Lung Biology in Health and. Disease. Eds: S Nelson, TR Martin, ...


First steps toward understanding the pathophysiologic link between

Heyder J, Gehr P, editors. Lung biology in health and disease series. Marcel Dekker; 1999. p. 577-601. 7. Pope CA III, Dockery DW, Spengler JD, Raizenne ME. Respiratory health and PM 10 pollution: a daily time series analysis. Am Rev. Respir Dis 1991;144:668-74. 8. Souza MB, Saldiva PHN, Pope CA III, Capelozzi VL.


Sarcoidosis: historical perspective and immunopathogenesis (part I)

unrecognized disease of the internal organs, particularly the lungs (5). The name Morbus Besnier-Boeck-Schaumann is still in use in the field of dermatology. ...... ( Lenfent C, ed. Lung biology in health and disease;. 115. Dayer JM. Cytokines and cytokine inhibitors in inflammation. Eur Respir J 1990; 3 (Suppl. 10): 178s.


Epithelial cells, the "switchboard" of respiratory immune defense

Jul 31, 2012 ... a Center for Environmental Medicine, Asthma and Lung Biology, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC, USA b Curriculum in ... Increasing our un- derstanding about the role of ECs in respiratory immu- nity may yield novel therapeutic targets to modulate down- stream diseases.


Macrophage Polarization in Lung Biology and Diseases

characterized based on their surface markers, secreted cytokines, nitric oxide enzymes, transcription and epigenetic ... control and resolution of inflammatory processes in various chronic lung diseases such as chronic obstructive ... Bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) from healthy adults contains an average of 91% of alveolar ...


BSc in Medical Sciences with RESPIRATORY SCIENCE

allergens, infectious agents) and the role of allergic responses in the development of disease. •. Role of specific mediators in the healthy and diseased lung. •. Principles ... Module 2: Molecular Cell Biology of the Lung in Health and Disease ... and cytokines and their relative contributions to lung health and diseases such as.


What is the nature of asthma and where are the therapeutic targets?

The characterisation of chronic asthma as an inflammatory condition of the human airway, associated with heightened airway responsiveness to a ... to the disease process, while at the molecular level, numerous inflammatory mediators, cytokines, ..... Lung Biology in Health and Disease. Marcel. Dekker 1997; 106: 35 -66.


The pulmonary physician in critical care c 6: The pathogenesis of

Lung injury is an evolving condition and the pathological features of ARDS are typically described as passing .... cytokines counteracts the inflammatory mediators; similarly, matrix deposition is balanced by the actions of the ..... Lung Biology in Health and Disease. Volume 116. New York: Marcel Dekker, 1998: 37 –84.


Phenotypic analysis of lymphocyte populations in the lungs and

We have analysed the phenotype of lymphocytes in lung and regional lymph node of symptomatic and asymptomatic ... numbers of lymphocytes in the lung, both in the bronchus-associated lymphoid tissue (BALT) and in the alveolar septae. ..... The lung in rbeumatic disease, lung biology in health aad disease,. Vol 45.


MicroRNA-181b stimulates inflammation via the nuclear factor-κB

severe lung edema and an increase in the inflammatory reac- tion. ... (miRNAs or miRs) are involved in various human diseases; however, the ...... 29. Nelson S and Martin TR: Cytokines in Pulmonary Disease: Infection and Inflammation ( Lung Biology in Health and. Disease). Martin T (ed). Volume 141. 1st edition. Marcel ...