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Cubase – Operation Manual

5. Table of Contents. 162 Audio effects. 163. About this chapter. 163. Overview. 164. Insert effects. 169. Send effects. 170. Setting up send effects. 174. Using the Side-Chain input. 175. Using external effects (Cubase only). 176. Making settings for the effects. 176. Effect presets. 179. Installing and managing effect plug-ins.


Cubase LE 5 Quick Start Guide

This chapter explains basic operations for using the unit with Cubase LE 5. This explanation is not intended to replace the user's manual for Cubase LE 5. Also, since Cubase LE 5 is a product provided by. Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH, it is not supported by TASCAM. Please use the Cubase LE 5 Help menu ( and.


Cubase – Manual de Operaciones

5. Tabla de Contenidos. 178 Efectos de Audio. 179. Acerca de este capítulo. 179. Visión general. 180. Efectos de inserción. 186. Efectos de envío. 186. Configurar efectos de envío. 191. Usar la Entrada de Side Chain. 192. Usar efectos externos (sólo Cubase). 193. Ajustar los efectos. 193. Presets de efecto. 197. Instalar y ...


Cubase SX/SL – Getting Started

CUBASE SX/SL. 4. Table of Contents. 7. Introduction. 8. Welcome. 10. About the manuals and the. Help. 14. How you can reach us. 15 Installation and ... CUBASE SX/SL. Table of Contents. 5. 105 Tutorial 3: Mixing. 106 About this tutorial. 106 Preparations. 108 Setting levels. 109 Setting pan. 110 Using Mute and Solo.


Cubase – Getting Started

19 oct. 2007 ... 5. Introduction. 6. Welcome. 6. About the manuals and the help. 7. About the program versions. 7. Key command conventions. 7. How you can reach us. 8. System requirements and installation. 9. About this chapter. 9. Minimum requirements. 10. Hardware installation. 12. Installing Cubasew. 12.


UR242 Operation Manual

Panel Controls and Terminals. UR242 Operation Manual. 5. Rear Panel. 1 [ ] ( Standby/On) switch. Sets the power of the device to On (O) or Standby (N). 2 DC IN [5V] ... for Cubase Series.” 7 [LINE OUTPUT 1/L 2/R] jacks. For connecting to external devices with line level signals. These jacks can be connected to phone- type.




RAVEN MTi 3.1 Cubase-Nuendo User Manual.pdf

UR22 Operation Manual

UR22 Operation Manual. 5. Description of the device. Front Panel. 1[INPUT 1 GAIN] knob. Adjusts the input signal level of the [MIC/LINE 1] jack. 2[MIC/LINE 1] jack/[PEAK] indicator. For connection to a microphone or digital instrument. This jack can be connected to both. XLR-type and phone-type (balanced/ unbalanced ) ...



Fader section operation. 11. About banks. 11. Operating the fader section. 11. R24 level meters (Audio interface use). 12. Setting the function keys. 13. Function key setup. 13. Control surface functions quick reference guide. 14. Recording with Cubase LE 5. 15. Create a new project. 15. Create a new audio track. 16.


WaveLab 8.5 Operation Manual

5. 399 Markers. 401 Markers Window. 405 About Creating Markers. 410 Deleting Markers. 412 Moving Markers. 412 Moving Multiple Markers. 414 Navigating to .... To open the manual in PDF format, browse to the installation folder. The .... application such as Steinberg Nuendo or Cubase, this is not strictly the case with.


Cubase Essential – Operation Manual

5. Select a file format with the File Format pop-up menu. 6. Select the bus you want to mix down with the Outputs pop-up menu in the “Audio Engine Output” section. This lists all output busses in the active project. 7. Activate the Split Channels option if you want to ex- port all channels as mono files, or “Mono Export” if you.


UR44 Operation Manual

Cubase 7. If you are using another version of. Cubase, the actual screenshots might not be the same. For details, refer to the Cubase manuals. (PDF) opened from ... UR44 Operation Manual. 5. Description of the Device. Front Panel. 1 [MIC/ HI-Z 1/2] jack/[PEAK] indicator. For connection to a microphone, digital instrument ,.


Cubase Pro/Cubase Artist 8.5 – Operation Manual

5. 308 MixConsole. 311 Setting Up the MixConsole. 311 MixConsole Toolbar. 313 Functions Menu. 315 Configuring the MixConsole. 322 Synchronizing Channel and Track Visibility. 323 Finding Channels. 323 Linking Channels. 326 VCA Faders (Cubase Pro only). 334 Metering (Cubase Pro only). 337 Input Levels.


Quick Start Guide

The combination of CI2 and Cubase AI 5 makes recoding guitar so easy. Install the software. •. CI2 includes one “Cubase AI 5” DVD-ROM and one “TOOLS for CI2” CD-ROM . Ensure that you install both by following the onscreen instructions . Note that the CI2's USB LED will not light up on connection as long as the TOOLS ...


CMC Series Operation Manual

Steinberg CMC Extension. This software allows you to link the device with. Cubase. • Steinberg CMC-PD Editor. • Steinberg CMC-QC Editor. This software allows you to edit various settings of CMC-PD/ CMC-QC on a connected computer. NOTE. • For installation instructions, refer to “Installing TOOLS for CMC ” on page 5.


Cubase LE 4 Installation Guide/ Control Surface Operation Guide

This setting serves for controlling Cubase LE in Generic. Remote mode. NOTE. It is not possible to operate Cubase LE 4 in Generic Remote mode. Be sure to select Mackie Control mode. • Mackie Control. With this setting, the HD8/HD16 emulates the operation of a. Mackie Control. 5. Turn the dial to select "Mackie Control" ...


Cubase Pro+Artist 9.5.0 - Operation Manual

Nov 15, 2017 ... 674. MIDI devices – general settings and patch handling. 682. About Device panels (Cubase Pro only). 685. MIDI Functions. 685. Transpose Setup. 686. Merging MIDI Events into a New Part. 687. Dissolve Part. 689. Bouncing MIDI Parts. 690. Repeating MIDI Events of Independent Track. Loops. 5 ...


R16 Audio Interface Manual

Click the [+] and then choose “Mackie Control.” 10 Set MIDI input and output. MIDI Input: Zoom R16_R24. MIDI Output: Zoom R16_R24. See R16 setup and connection steps 1~6 on P.5~6. HINT. The display of MENU etc. may be different depending on the version of Cubase LE. Please refer to your Cubase LE manual.


Drumagog 5 Getting Started Guide

A complete Drumagog 5 User Manual is on the way and will also be available ... 5. If you purchased Drumagog through a retail store, insert the DVD into your DVD drive, open the folder labeled for your OS and run the appropriate installer. .... Open your preferred audio application (Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic,. SONAR, etc ) ...

Drumagog 5 Getting Started Guide.pdf

UM225 / UM226 User Manual

Cubase/Nuendo. 1. Place your stereo file on a 5.0 or 5.1 Track. 2. From the Insert menu choose UM225 or UM226. 3. In the track's Insert Routing window, ... Limiter on the UM225/226 output to control dynamic output. (L360˚ is a part of the Waves 360˚ Surround Tools bundle.) Waves UM225/UM226 User Guide. - 5 - ...