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Star Trek - The American Dream Continued?

Jan 4, 1994 ... The Crisis of the American Dream in the 1960s and its .... Dream in Star Trek". It is dedicated to an analysis of how the Dream and its crisis in the Sixties are reflected in the original Star Trek series. Summing up it can be said that this thesis. ▫ examines the ... self-conscious about 1965, peaked between.


Popular Imagination and Identity Politics: Reading the Future in Star

consciousness for both certain possibilities and impossibilities (pp. 150-152). Utopias demystify change, inviting readers to see certain alternatives as unthreatening; they foreshadow the future by natural- izing a particular vision of the future. Indeed, many of th(~ purely fictional technologies of the original Star Trek series ...


Emotions in Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica: What Makes Us Human

Emotions in Star Trek and Battlestar. Galactica: What Makes Us Human. Claudia Wassmann1. What do science fiction films and TV series reveal about human emo- tions? Since the 1960s science fiction series, such as the original Star. Trek series (NBC, 1966–69), the movie Star Trek (2009), and Battlestar. Galactica ( ABC ...


Defining Star Trek's Prime Directive

Steele, Andrew, "Interfering in a Non-Interference Policy: Defining Star Trek's Prime Directive" (2016). Master's .... TOS and the later Star Trek series emphasize the importance of autonomy and individual freedoms – a critical component that the Prime Directive protects. ..... specific humanitarian crises ( U.N. Charter art. 2, par ...


Star Trek as an Agent of Cultural Reproduction

“Balance of Terror,” the episode of Star Trek: The Original Series (then just called Star Trek) described above ... Just four short years past the Cuban Missile Crisis, the US's island neighbor was still considered a border ..... adapted to their outcomes without presupposing a conscious aiming at ends or an express mastery of ...


Beyond the Final Frontier: Star Trek, the Borg and the Post-colonial

various studio-produced television series and films - it also includes (among other things) novels, Internet chat ... second generation series, focusing on those episodes of Star Trek: the Next Generation (STNG) and Star ..... and now occupies a hybrid space between Borg and human, between collective consciousness and.


O1 — 2O17

Dec 31, 2016 ... Evil Doctor, Ethical Android: The Instantiation of Conscience through Subroutines in Star Trek. By Victor Grech, Mariella Scerri, and ... Evil Doctor, Ethical Android: Star Trek's Instantiation of Consciousness in Subroutines . ..... Original Series ( STOS; 1966–1969) and other Star. Trek episodes will follow while ...


Battlestar Galactica Series Bible

Dec 17, 2003 ... The key to the success of this series is to never, ever let the air out of the balloon - the battlestar. Galactica lives in a perpetual state of crisis, one in which the Cylons can appear at any moment, and where terrorist .... time foregoing Star Trek's somewhat ponderous and lugubrious "master, two-shot, close-up ...


Anthropology on New Terrain

Shooting of the “Budding Babies” sequence for TV series Childhood in a New York studio / 250 ... and music. We also do not include classic studies that laid the groundwork for our own efforts because it was ..... and irreverent fan culture for television shows such as Star Trek (Bacon-Smith. 1992; Penley 1997; Jenkins 1992) ...


The Politics of Labelling and Native Identity

Overall, the conscious choice of these labels for self- identification and the rejection of imposed ... From this time onwards the conception of the im- age of the Indian downgraded the original inhabitants to the category of ...... "Do Natives Really Talk About Things Like Star Trek?",. First Nations Messenger (February), Ottawa: ...


The Politics of Magic: Fantasy Media, Technology, and Nature in the

commercially successful film series of the century, Star Wars (begun in 1977), borrowed much from fantasy, it .... Harry Potter films both debuted over the 2001 Christmas season -- has often been linked by critics to ..... consciousness," we could compare the Star Trek (and original Galactica [1978-1979]) series'. " classicism" ...


Meditation and Psychosis - a service user's perspective

into what would be termed an altered state of consciousness. My husband came into the room and I ... My original psychosis had come at a stressful time when I had received the 'Toronto blessing', to which I had 'reacted' with my ... just like the one in the second Star Trek series! After about half an hour of what appeared by  ...

Hilary Pegg Meditation and Psychosis.pdf

Contemporary Metis Visual Culture and Identity Jessie Short, BA

Rosalie Favell, Untitled, Longing and Not Belonging Series, 1999. (Courtesy ofthe artist). 9. .... interchangeably throughout this paper to refer to Canada's original inhabitants of Indian, Inuit and. Metis ancestry in an effort ..... settling of Canada and the erasure of a conscious connection to our Aboriginal history. A key aspect ...



THE FUNCTIONALITY OF REBOOTS: STAR TREK AND STAR WARS. A Thesis. Presented to the. Faculty of .... facilitate critical consciousness in mass audiences, rather than critical consciousness needing to be .... different this new incarnation of Battlestar Galactica is from the original series. It acknowledges the prior ...


Sovereignties Old and New: Canada, Quebec, and Aboriginal Peoples

The Imperial Federation movement saw. Canadian nationalism hitched to the star of a wider Imperial .... porter beam" in the Star Trek television series: Quebec will be instantaneously whisked from federalism to .... the strongest charge of sovereignty in its original imperious guise. After independence, only the Quebec  ...


Pop Culture Timeline

Consciousness. Founding of Time magazine. 1924. First Winter Olympic Games. 1925. Benito Mussolini becomes dictator of Italy. Clarence Birdseye pioneers the technology that ushers in frozen food; World's first .... Dialectics. Original series of Star Trek broadcast ... FLQ Crisis and declaration of the War Measures Act by.


Feminine Diasporic Consciousness in the Arab-American Poetry

Original Series, who intervenes on behalf of the Muslim woman by using “another frequency” to bring the two American women to both see and hear the Muslim woman who desperately desires to join the PTA. The Muslim woman's appeal to Lt. Uhurra, a fictional. Star Trek character originally played by "African American ...


Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Lucrative Fandom

original works that inspired it through the medium of both old fandoms that pre- date the Internet age .... Fandom has become linked with the Internet in the public conscious- ness, but fanworks are as ...... Series and select “Star Trek,” “Star Trek the Next Generation,” “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,”. “Star Trek: New Frontier,” ...


Far Beyond the Star Pit: Samuel R. Delany

Jan 1, 2014 ... "Far Beyond the Star Pit: Samuel R. Delany," in Black and Brown Planets: The Politics of Race in Science. Fiction. Ed. Isiah Lavender III ... 1998), a sixth-season episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Captain .... so unstable and unrecognizable that consciousness itself breaks down. The galaxy, then, is all ...


The Latest Effort to Summarily Adjudicate Employment

Jun 13, 2013 ... a reference to the original Star Trek series episode entitled "The Trouble with Tribbles." .... to Sue Will Help Prevent the Next Financial Crisis and Better Inform the Investing Public,. Bus. L. BRIEF, Spring 2009, .... returning to the original cautious standard used in intent cases, which should cause courts to ...