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CURRICULUM VITAE Michael Friedman January 2015 Department

of Western Ontario. Project: Kant's Philosophy of Science. Institute for the Humanities, 1984-1985, University of Illinois at Chicago. Project: Scientific Objectivity in ..... eds., Constituting Objectivity: Transcendental Perspectives on. Modern Physics. Springer, 2009. “Kant, Kuhn, e la Racionalidade da Ciéncia,” Philósophos 14 ...


Fibras cuánticas para sistemas clásicos: introducción a la

resumen. En este artículo, se introducirá el formalismo de cuantificación canónica denominado “cuantificación geométrica”. Dado que dicho formalismo permite entender la mecánica cuántica como una extensión geométrica de la mecánica clásica, se identificarán las insuficiencias de esta última resueltas por dicha.


Heisenberg (and Schrödinger, and Pauli) on Hidden Variables

Mar 23, 2016 ... Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part B: Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern. Physics, Elsevier, 2009 .... The 1927 Solvay conference was the fifth in the celebrated series of conferences funded ...... Constituting Objectivity: Transcendental Perspectives on Modern Physics, The. Western ...


Parte III - Implicações culturais e educacionais da teoria quântica

Constituting objectivity: transcendental Perspectives on Modern Physics. Dordrecht: Springer, 2009. (The Western Ontario Series in Philosophy of. Science). p. 301–317. CAPRA, F. The tao of physics: an exploration of the parallels between modern physics and eastern mysticism. 4th ed. Berkeley, California: Shambhala ...


Did Bohr understand EPR?

Quantum Physics: Grete Henry-Hermann's 1935 Pioneering Proposal”, 329-344 in. M. Bitbol, P. Kerszberg and J. Petitot, eds., Constituting Objectivity: Transcendental Perspectives on Modern Physics, The Western Ontario Series in. Philosophy of Science, Vol. 74. Berlin: Springer. Repr. in Bacciagaluppi and Crull . (2015b).



Constituting Objectivity: Transcendental Perspectives on Modern. Physics, The Western Ontario Series in the Philosophy of Science, vol. 74, 375-386, Springer- Verlag,. Berlin (2009). [4] G. Catren, Quantum ontology in the light of gauge theories, in C. de Ronde, S. Aerts, and D. Aerts. (eds.) Probing the Meaning of Quantum ...



J. Petitot (eds.), Constituting Objectivity: Transcendental Approaches of Modern Physics, The Western Ontario. Series in the Philosophy of Science, Vol. 74, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 375-386 (2009). 5. Catren, G.: On Classical and Quantum Objectivity, Foundations of Physics, Foundations of Physics, 38, 470- 487. (2008). 6.


Frontiers of Fundamental Physics 14

Jan 8, 2015 ... been shown to posess remarkably compact expressions which are un-expected from the perspective of traditional. Lagrangian-based perturbation theory (c.f., ...... (eds.), Constituting Objectivity: Transcendental Approaches of Modern Physics, The Western Ontario Series in the Philosophy of Science, Vol.


Rodney K.B. Parker, PhD

Center for the History of Women Philosophers and Scientists | Department of Philosophy. Universität ... Ph.D., Philosophy. 2007-2013. Western University. Dissertation Title: Husserl's Transcendental Idealism & the Problem of Solipsism. Abstract: My dissertation presents an ... Hypotheses and Perspectives within History and.


Ecology, objectivity and critique in writings on

impassioned criticism of the environmental devastation wrought by modern Western society and its sensitive analysis of the ... Historians and philosophers of science have impunged the ideas of objectivity and observer neutrality that ... ecology into a mature, nomothetic science like physics. Whether the present ferment.


Schelling's Naturalism: Motion, Space, and the Volition of Thought

The University of Western Ontario. Supervisor. Tilottama Rajan. The University of Western ... Abstract: This dissertation examines F.W.J. von Schelling's Philosophy of Nature (or. Naturphilosophie) as a form of early, and ... 1.0 - The Natural Forge of the Transcendental: The Movement of Thought and the Space of. Nature.


Transcendent Mind

versal of perspective. According to this alternative view, consciousness is primary and the physical is secondary. In other words, materialism is receding and giving way to ... This is the opening salvo of Transcendent Mind: Rethinking the Science .... Modern western science regards consciousness as an epiphenomenon that.


Beyond Scientism and Relativism: Amedeo Giorgi's Commitment to

within modern biology or mathematics and physics; rather, they are contrasted as societies of aesthetic .... turned to Husserl's phenomenological philosophical method, from which he developed a descriptive method ... approach must be methodical, critical, general, and systematic if it is to constitute science (Giorgi, personal ...


Philosophy and Social Hope

criticism, religion, science and, in a little paper written just for kicks, ... I My Objectivity, Relativism and Truth: Philosophical Papers and Essays on HeUkgger .... physics is Platonism. (Whitehead was making the same point when he said that all of Western philosophy is a series of footnotes to Plato. Whitehead's point was that ...


Some feminist philosophers, contend e

1901), he describes his search for a rigorous scientific method able to start from a perspective ... philosophy. He saw philosophising without presuppositions as impossible. Alfred Schütz (1889-1959) and his students brought phenomenology to the social sciences, .... that opens up the realm of transcendental investigation.

Holm Phenomenology April 2007.pdf


Does Science Teaching Need History and Philosophy of Science? 21. Peter Slezak. 3. Teaching History and ... 11 Introducing History of Science in Science Education: A Perspective from Chemical Education. 197 ... 13 Infinite Series Across Three Cultures: Background and Motivation. 227. George Gheverghese Joseph.


Doctoral Dissertations 1996-97

ERIC SCHWITZGEBEL, "Issues in Philosophy of Science." Adviser: Elisabeth. Lloyd. ... Modern Biology." Adviser: Philip Kitcher. "Abstraction, Analogy and In duction: Toward a General Account of Apliative Inference." Adviser: Philip Kitcher. ... MICHAEL WENISCH, "The Concept of Time in Kant's Transcendental Ideal ism .


Continuing the debate on the philosophy of modern public health

modern public health: social quality as a point of reference .... According to Ronald Frankenberg, the west- ern concept of ..... This single scientific orientation simply cannot conceive of public as a reality of social configurations. In this perspective, as a noun public remains a metaphor for an aggregation of individuals. It.


Gender in the Substance of Chemistry, Part 1: The Ideal Gas

Abstract: This two-part paper is about the possibility of analyzing the content of chemistry from a gender perspective. The first part provides an example of what such an analysis would look like. The second part is an outline of the theoretical perspective that makes the analysis possible. The example is the model of the ideal ...


Psychology and Psychologies: wich Epistemology?

Oct 11, 2009 ... JOHN BELL - UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN ONTARIO .... kind of vital breath, sometimes the soul, and sometimes the series of mental functions. ... domain of the philosophy of psychology within the philosophy of science. Since philosophy of science is also referred to as epistemology – indeed, according to a ...