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A Review of Cognitive Decision-making within Future Mission Systems

Information & Engineering Systems - KES2014. A review of ... It concludes with a proposed conceptual approach of how researchers might pursue cognitive mission systems designs in the future. A ... Keywords: Agents; Artificial Intelligence; Cognitive Architecture; Computational Intelligence; Decision-Making ; Machine.


An Introduction to Ontologies and Ontology Engineering

G. Falquet et al., Ontologies in Urban Development Projects, Advanced Information and Knowledge Processing 1, DOI 10.1007/978-0-85729-724-2_2, ... Chapter 2. An Introduction to Ontologies and Ontology. Engineering. Catherine Roussey, Francois Pinet, Myoung Ah Kang, and Oscar Corcho. C. Roussey (*). LIRIS ...


Situated cognitive engineering for crew support in space

Abbreviations. AI. Artificial Intelligence. CE. Cognitive Engineering. EVA. ExtraVehicular Activities. ISS. International Space Station. MECA. Mission Execution Crew Assistant. SCOPE. Supporting Crew OPErations. SUITE. Situated Usability engineering for Interactive Task Environments. VCP. Virtual Control Panel ...


Situated cognitive engineering for crew support in space

cal studies, the knowledge base and tools for crew support are continuously being extended, refined and maintained. Keywords Cognitive engineering 4. Human–machine collaboration 4 Electronic partner 4. Crew support 4 Usability 4 Space missions. Abbreviations. AI. Artificial Intelligence. CE. Cognitive Engineering.


Human Computation and Convergence

mans and machines in distributed information-processing systems - formerly discrete processes will combine ... Cognitive Scientists are interested in understanding how an environmental stimulus re- sults in a particular response .... an intellectual faculty more advanced than human intelligence. That is, we require more.


p r e p r o c e e d i n g s

Nov 8, 2017 ... This year, the 29th edition of BNAIC is organized by the Institute of Artifi- cial Intelligence and Cognitive Engineering (ALICE), University of Groningen, under the auspices of the Benelux Association for Artificial Intelligence (BN-. VKI) and the Dutch Research School for Information and Knowledge Systems.


information systems engineering

created using sound software, cognitive, and information assurance methodologies. since ... ENGINEERING? Information systems are computer- based infrastruc- tures, organizations, personnel, and components that collect, process, store, transmit, display, ..... specifically, by using a distributed web services approach.5.


Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing: Behavioral and Cognitive

Amit Konar. Department of Electronics and Tele-communication Engineering. Jadavpur University, Calcutta, India. Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing ... efforts have been made to publish reliable data and information, but the author and the publisher cannot ..... 2.3.4 The Parallel Distributed Processing Approach.

Amit Konar Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing Behavioral and Cognitive modeling of the Human Brain CRC Pressed 787p.pdf

The Assessment of Situation Awareness and Workload

How can the machine knowledge about the actual flight situation be established in order to meet these specifications? Both advanced techniques of cognitive engineering for structured knowledge representation and information processing based on advanced sensor technology (e.g. voice recognition and computer vision).


Organisational Intelligence and Distributed AI

The recently emerged concept of Organisatio- nal Intelligence integrates these efforts in that it suggests five components of intelligent organisational skills ( communication, memory, learning, cognition, problem solving). The approach integrates human and computer-based information processing and problem solving.


DSC/e Research groups

machine learning, visualization, algorithms, databases, security, privacy, and distributed ... This information is collected in this brochure. We hope that this will help you to find the right data science expertise within DSC/e. Feel free to contact us via [email protected] .... (Future Process Intelligence and Fluxicon) demonstrate the.



Oct 12, 2016 ... The report was developed by the NSTC's Subcommittee on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, ... OSTP also published a Request for Information (RFI) in June 2016, which received 161 responses. The ... use of and foster the sharing of knowledge and best practices about ML and AI by the Federal.


Neural-networks-aided fault diagnosis in supervisory control of

example, knowledge generalisation, and parallel processing of neural networks were examined, resulting in the ... aided fault diagnosis will make advanced manufacturing systems more attractive in terms of increased .... some artificial intelligence techniques are also introduced to provide aids in fault diagnosis. Several ...


Building Machines That Learn and Think Like People

Nov 2, 2016 ... Recent progress in artificial intelligence (AI) has renewed interest in building systems that learn and ... and enrich the knowledge that is learned; and (c) harness compositionality and learning-to-learn ..... thought about the nature of cognition—parallel distributed processing (PDP) (McClelland et al.,. 1986 ...


TA 11 Modeling, Simulation, Information Technology, and Processing

Jul 2, 2015 ... ever-increasing modeling, simulation, information technology, and processing demands of NASA's missions in ... of modeling and simulation, and science and engineering information processing. ... cognitive, and other types of advanced computing for Big Data analysis and high-fidelity physics-based.


The Law of “Information Conversion and Intelligence Creation” †

Jun 9, 2017 ... research. Further, the information research has been divided into syntactic, semantic, and pragmatic ones with the latter two ignored [1], the knowledge research into two fields (knowledge engineering. [2] and knowledge discovery [3 ]), and the intelligence research into three fields (artificial neural networks ...


Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning

To understand KM and OL, one must understand knowledge, KM processes and goals and knowledge management systems (KMS). 1.1 Knowledge. Knowledge is often defined ... tomatic information so that the direct link between symptoms and a medical diagnosis is uncer- tain. .... Figure 2 is a process cycle model of KM.



Knowledge-Based Intelligent Engineering Systems Centre. School of ... The framework will be placed in the context of Cognitive Systems Engineer- ing and ... der to remain transparent to the human-operator at all times. Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Information Processing are technologies which are expected to be .


Supporting Software Development as Knowledge-Intensive and

May 20, 2006 ... Knowledge collaboration, Distributed cognition, Software development support. 1 . INTRODUCTION. According to the IEEE Standard Glossary of Software Engineering. Terminology, “software engineering is defined as the application of a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to the development,.


FrameBase: Representing N-ary Relations using Semantic Frames

wide-coverage knowledge-base schema that uses linguistic frames to seamlessly represent and query n-ary ... are convenient to process and can be visualized as entity networks with labeled edges. Whereas triple .... not require the additional information can still use the original binary relation directly. However, this also ...