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Economic Shocks and Civil Conflict: An Instrumental Variables

many deaths as wars between states since World War II (Fearon and. Laitin 2003 ). A major locus for civil wars in recent years has been sub-. Saharan Africa, where 29 of 43 countries suffered from civil conflict during the 1980s and 1990s. In the median sub-Saharan African country, hundreds of thousands of people were ...


Conflict Relapse and the Sustainability of Post-Conflict Peace

Sep 13, 2010 ... 2. Second, recurring civil wars have become the dominant form of armed conflict in the world today. In fact, since 2003 every civil war that has started has been a continuation of a previous civil war. 3 ... 5 Since the earliest wars in the data set are by definition coded as new wars, the table drops data from the.

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The 'New Wars' Debate: A Historical Perspective Is Needed

New Wars. A number of variables can be used to approach the concept of the ' changing nature of conflict'. For example, first, the main protagonists and units of analysis of ..... spike in the early 1990s. Moreover, since 1992 the quantitative incidence of civil war has declined. 180. Security Dialogue vol. 35, no. 2, June 2004 ...


Explaining the Severity of Civil Wars

strength, is most strongly correlated with fewer deaths; wars have also been less deadly on average since the end of the cold ... largest internal wars of the post– World War II era—in Vietnam, China, and Afghani- stan—which ... I explore civil conflict severity here with a new data set of battle fatalities (Lacina and Gleditsch  ...


The New New Civil Wars

large-scale civil wars have broken out in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Chad, the Democratic Republic of. Congo, Nigeria ... 2 Sebastian von Einsiedel, “Major Recent Trends in Violent Conflict,” UN University Centre for Policy Research. ... I begin by highlighting three distinct waves of civil wars since the end of World War II: one.

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World Development Report 2011 - ISBN: 9780821384398

Part 1: The Challenge of Repeated Cycles of Violence. 21st-century conflict and violence are a development problem that does not fit the. 20th-century mold 2 ... Interstate and civil wars have declined since peaking in the early 1990s 51 ..... causes of the World War that was then still raging, and how to secure the peace.


Death in Wars and Conflicts in the 20th Century

Feb 5, 1998 ... 1914 to 1991.2 The period chosen by Hobsbawm spanned the beginning of World War I to the dissolution .... perhaps the simplest of the issues raised: the number of deaths in the wars and conflicts that had taken place since 1945. I had begun to set aside such numbers around 1970,12 but for the reasons ...


The Laws of War: Problems of Implementation in Contemporary

the major armed conflicts around the world in the 1980s and 1990s? ... application of the laws of war to civil wars raises both a legal and ..... II. IMPLEMENTATION PROVISIONS AND MECHANISMS. This section looks at the formal provisions on implementation of the laws of war as set out in major conventions signed ...


Does Peacekeeping Keep Peace? International Intervention and the

a nutshell, that peacekeeping after civil wars does indeed make an important contribution to .... civil conflicts in the period since World War II, but it focuses in particular on peacekeeping since ... 2 These different conclusions are likely driven by differences in case selection (Doyle and Sambanis and Dubey examine all civil ...

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Ending Civil Wars Monica Duffy Toft

Since the end of. World War II, policymakers have shown a marked preference for settling civil wars through negotiated settlements. The core recommendation of this policy is to employ third-party resources—primarily in the form of economic incen- tives and good offices—to halt the violence and preserve the combatants.


Population and Civil War

Mar 24, 2017 ... scenario, world population is 7.2 billion in 2100, of which 842 million are in today's rich countries and just under 6.5 billion in ... War II, or when entirely ignoring the World War II years. ... violent civil conflict in Africa, this is an important limitation, but one that we cannot overcome with the available data.


Journal of Peace Research

The COW datasets on war use the relatively high threshold of. 1,000 battle- deaths. The Uppsala dataset on armed conflict has a lower threshold, 25 annual battle- deaths, but has so far been available for only the post-Cold War period. This dataset has now been backdated to the end of World War II. This article presents a ...


THE ENEMY WITHIN Personal Rule, Coups, and Civil War in Africa

Personal Rule, Coups, and. Civil War in Africa. By PHILIP ROESSLER*. INTRODUCTION. WHAT explains the outbreak of large-scale political violence be- ... One of its principal findings is that since World War II civil wars ... Relations data set and Patrick McGowan for sharing his African Military Intervention Events code-.


War Has Almost Ceased to Exist: An Assessment

Dec 19, 2003 ... the two largest of those armed conflicts. During that same period, philosopher. George Santayana proclaimed, even more ... Political Science Quarterly Volume 124 Number 2 2009. 297 ... of course, deals with very substantial con- flicts like the World Wars, the American Civil War, or the Korean or Franco-.


Research Note “NEW” AND “OLD” CIVIL WARS A Valid Distinction?

ingly, the distinction drawn between post–cold war conflicts and their ... cumulation of conflicts since the 1950s, not the end of the cold war. ... WORLD POLITICS. 5 F. A Voigt, The Greek Sedition (London: Hollis and Carter, 1949), 68 –69. 6 See Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Civil Wars: From L.A. to Bosnia (New York: The ...


Greed and Grievance in Civil War

Of the 27 major armed conflicts that occurred in in Civil W ar. 1999, all but two took place within national boundaries. Paul Collier. As an impediment to. Anke Hoe ffler development, internal rebellion especially hurts the world's poorest countries. What motivates civil wars? Greed or grievance? The World Bank. Development ...


Greed and grievance in civil war

We investigate the causes of civil war, using a new data set of wars during 1960– 99. ... Civil war is now far more common than international conflict: all of the 15 major ... 2. Rebellion: approaches and measures. 2.1 Preferences, perceptions, and opportunities. Political science offers an account of conflict in terms of motive:  ...


self-determination, international society and world order martin griffiths

Since the end of the Cold War, these challenges have been intimately linked with the growing number of civil wars as well as patterns of collective violence that ..... thirty major armed conflicts fought in the world were civil wars. This trend was even more pronounced throughout the course of the 1990s. The number of civil.


Civil war and the current international system

Africa (MENA) region in the last 15 years has posed one set of problems that the current policy repertoire cannot ... 2014.2 All other regions had major declines in civil conflict after the early 1990s. From the ... to ideological lines has increased somewhat over the whole period since World War II, from around. 60% in the early ...


Securizitating the Nation: Simulating the Dynamics at the Case of

2. Theories of ethnic conflicts. While from the time of the Vienna Congress until the new order after World War. I national liberation was the casus belli of only ca. 20% of major wars [79] [15], after. World War II national and ethnic questions became a major source of violent conflicts. [37]. 77% of the wars after World War II ...