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A Rhetorical Analysis on the Fourth Gospel's Use of Scripture in its

Johannine and New Testament scholarship: (1) literary-critical studies on the Fourth. Gospel's characterization of Jesus; (2) studies on the presence (or absence) of Greco-. Roman rhetoric in the Gospel; and (3) intertextual studies on John and the New. Testament. This dissertation contributes to all three of these areas by ...


Abiding Words

lication: Alicia d. Myers, Characterizing Jesus: A Rhetorical Analysis of the Fourth . Gospel's Use of Scripture in Its Presentation of Jesus, lnTs 458 (london: T&T clark,. 2012). however, previous studies have indicated the potential of such an approach. see dennis l. stamps, “Use of the old Testament in the new Testament as a ...


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Undergraduate Courses Taught: Introduction to the New Testament, Introduction to Christian Theology ... English, Life and Teachings of Jesus, Biblical Interpretation, Applied Hermeneutics, Religion and Race in ... Characters and Characterization in the Gospel of John (Library of New Testament Studies 461; London:.

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MARK AS STORY Retrospect and Prospect

N.T. Mark—Criticism, interpretation, etc. 2. Bible. N.T. Gospels—Herme- neutics. 3. Rhoads, David M. Mark as story. 4. Bible. N.T. Mark—Criticism, Narrative. I. Iverson, Kelly .... that formally introduced New Testament studies to the discipline of narrative criticism. Within a few weeks a plan unfolded and to our delight the proj-.


The Gospels

J. Keith Elliott, eds., The Language and Style of the Gospel of Mark, New Testament Studies 71. (Leiden: Brill, 1993). ... Mary Healy, The Gospel of Mark, Catholic Commentary on Scripture (Grand Rapids: Baker ... Paul L. Danove, The Rhetoric of the Characterization of God, Jesus, and Jesus' Disciples in the Gospel of. Mark ...


The Fourth Gospel as a Textual Field of Meaning

Studies at the Faculty of Theology, University of Malta. ... Gospels. Some admit that they have been “repelled”2 by the Fourth Gospel, or at least concede its “ fascinating”3 character. Others see it as the “maverick”4. Gospel ... in From Jesus to Jesus: Essays on Jesus and New Testament Christology in Honour of Martinus de.

MT 64.2 (2014) 5-17 Micallef Martin, The Fourth Gospel as a Textual Field of Meaning.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y

To Advance the Gospel: New Testament Studies, 2nd edition (The

(The biblical resource series). Includes bibliographical references and indexes. ISBN 0-8028-4425-1 (pbk.: alk. paper). 1. Bible. N.T. — Criticism, interpretation, etc. ... I. Gospel Topics. 1. The Priority of Mark and the "Q" Source in Luke. 3. 2. The Virginal Conception of Jesus in the New Testament. 41. 3. The Matthean Divorce ...


Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels

People interested in Jesus and the Gospels can start here—and from here they will be led back with new insights and questions to the biblical texts themselves. And they may find themselves turning from one article to the next, and on to further studies, as they pursue their questions. Articles in the Dictionary of Jesus and the ...


i ABSTRACT The Son-Father Relationship and Christological

which the Gospel presents Jesus the Son in close relationship with God the Father. The. Symbology ...... and Point of View in the Gospel of John,” in A South African Perspective on the New Testament: Essays by .... 15 See Jan A. Du Rand, “The Characterization of Jesus as Depicted in the Narrative of the Fourth. Gospel  ...


Coping with Judas

that Judas is presented to us, narrative criticism becomes a natural way of approaching his character. ... New Testament Studies (London: T&T Clark, 2011) and Robert C. Tannehill, The Narrative Unity of Luke-Acts: A ..... Paul L. Danove, The Rhetoric of Characterization of God, Jesus, and Jesus' Disciples in the Gospel of.


The Incorporation of Jesus and his Emissaries in a Tripartite

Four ele- ments of Luke's presentation are identified which contribute to the inclusion of Jesus and his emissaries within a distinctly tripartite canonical framework. Luke's peculiar use of the Greek term νομικός is shown to be employed as a rhetorical marker to emphasize the scripture interpreting role of the scribal scholars ...


The Jewishness of Jesus and ritual purity

same time most new Testament scholars deny that he cared about the Jewish purity system, which was a ... late second Temple period entails and how we may characterize the Judaism of Jesus' time, especi ally in relation to purity ... biblical scholars who engaged critically with Jewish traditions and presented. Judaism in a ...


Encountering Jesus in the Scriptures

Encountering Jesus in the Scriptures daniel j. harrington, s.j. & christopher r. matthews. A mong the various significant issues addressed by the twenty- seven writings that make up the New Testament, two fundamental questions are, Who is Jesus? and Why is he important? The four Gospels look like biographies (at least in ...



Jul 24, 2009 ... 8. Literary Criticism and Biblical Criticism. Religion 5311. Luke and Rhetoric. 10. Religion 5311. Ph.D. Seminar on the Parables of Jesus. 5. Religion 5317 .... Gospel of Luke. Paideia Commentaries on the New Testament. Baker Academic. Manuscript due October 2011. With Heidi J. Hornik. The Acts of the ...


A Collins CV.complete

Apr 20, 2006 ... Buckingham Professor of New Testament Criticism and Interpretation, Yale ... The Use of Four Psalms of Individual Lament in the Passion Narrative of ... Christian Scriptures. Foundations of Theology: Biblical and Historical. Images of Jesus. Institutional Governance and Service: Member, Provost's Standing ...



Bible Commentary. Edited by John Muddiman, John Barton, et al. Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press. Alexander, Loveday. 2006. Acts: The People's Bible Commentary. ... Resurrecting Jesus: The Earliest Christian Tradition and its ..... Pages 388–401 in New Testament Apocrypha, Volume One: Gospels and Related.


A Thesis Submitted for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy

Chicago Studies. ConBNT. Coniectanea biblica, New Testament. EQ. Evangelical Quarterly. ExpTim. Expository Times. HBT. Horizons in Biblical Theology ..... the titles used of Jesus in the Fourth Gospel: Son of God, Messiah, Logos and Son of Man. So, ... John's Gospel and that this is linked to its presentation of Jesus.


The Master's Seminary Journal

Apr 4, 2010 ... An Analysis of. Gentry and Wellum's, Kingdom through Covenant. Michael J. Vlach. Three Searches for the “Historical Jesus” but No. Biblical Christ (Part 2): ... Articles are abstracted in New Testament Abstracts; Old Testament Abstracts; and Religious ... The Concept of Repentance in the Fourth Gospel.


Jesus' Cry from the Cross

32. Allusion in Literary Criticism and Biblical Studies. 40. Chapter 3: Suffering, Death, and Vindication: The Importance of Resurrection in. Mark's Gospel. Introduction ...... function of scripture in Mark is simply its presentation of Jesus as one who is in ... Markan Crucifixion: A Socio-Rhetorical Analysis,” in The Four Gospels.


Nisi Pedes, Except for the Feet: Footwashing in the Community of

use the fruits of some of the disciplines of biblical studies — liter- ... Jesus. Below is the text (NRSV) of concern to this investigation; in. Martin F. Connell is an editor with Liturgical Training Publications in. Chicago. Footwashing. 517 .... Robert Tomson Fortna, The Fourth Gospel and Its Predecessor: From Narrative. Source to ...

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