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CGI problem solving by bilingual primary grade students.

Developing Mathematical Discourse Through CGI. Problem Solving: Professional Partnerships in Primary. Grade Bilingual .... CGI in 1st Grade. Rationale from teacher: Supports local, state and national math standards: – Communication: Word problems develop the ability to retain and retell information, develop vocabulary ...


SD Counts MathProblemBooklet.indd

CGI Problems Created by South Dakota Math. Teacher Leaders. South Dakota Math Specialists: ESA 1 – Shawn Olson ..... FIRST GRADE. JOIN RESULT UNKNOWN. 1. John had 6 cars. Earl gave him 9 more cars. How many cars does John have altogether? 2. Kole has 6 toy trucks to play with. His brother gave him 6 more ...


1st Grade Common Core Standards Flipbook

Proficient students interpret and make meaning of the problem looking for starting points. They analyze what is given to find the meaning of the problem. They plan a solution pathway instead of jumping to a solution. In first grade, students realize that doing mathematics involves solving problems and discussing how they ...


Using Literature to Build First Grade Math Concepts

Traditionally, the math program consisted of instruction in finding answers to textbook math problems and memorizing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. Except for learning to count money or tell time, math seemed to have little application for children in daily life. The majority of the math curriculum was ...


CGI problem types

Mr. Smith had 4 cookies. Suzy gave him some more. Then, Mr. Smith had 7 cookies. How many cookies did Suzy give Mr. Smith? Mr. Smith had some cookies. Suzy gave him 4 more cookies. Then, he had 6 cookies. How many cookies did Mr. Smith start with? Separating P. Separating Problems g Problems. Separate ...


What Does a CGI Classroom Look Like?

the Surface. Pretend for a moment that you are observing three teachers all of whom are teaching the first- grade concept of subtraction using CGI. The first thing you ... students sitting first on the carpet in a circle, and then allows them to spread out all over the room to work on problems individually in their math notebooks.


The Effect of Title 1 First Grade Math Intervention

Nov 26, 2013 ... Following, reflecting, and synthesizing the research on effective math interventions created a question. My research investigated: How will Title 1 first grade math intervention groups where formative assessment is used daily to guide instruction and where students create math goals based on the formative ...


Challenging Mathematically Gifted Students in Elementary CGI

First, let's have a quick. “CGI experience”! Here is a typical problem posed in a 5th grade CGI math lesson. Solve this problem in any way that makes sense to you: Sara has 12 cups of cat food. She gives her cat 1½ cups of food each day. How many days of cat food does she have?


Math K-8 Math Blueprint This blueprint outlines KIPP's ideal

Class exercises, closing question, student debrief, exit ticket. Exit Ticket3. 5 - 10 minutes/5 days a week. Daily lessons include an exit ticket. Total Time for Eureka Math. 704 minutes/3–5 days a week. Personalization. 45 minutes/3–5 days a week. Eureka lessons from previous grades, online learning programs. CGI ( Grades ...


Culturally Responsive Math Curriculum: First Grade Dual Language

Aug 10, 2015 ... Morales Towns, Alia R., "Culturally Responsive Math Curriculum: First Grade Dual Language Immersion Addition Unit" (2015). ...... problems, how to elicit and interpret student thinking, and how CGI is culturally ...... overview of daily lesson objectives, including daily objectives for reading, writing, math,.


Math Talk

with video. -‐ M: Debrief grade level ideas. -‐ CGI Verbage of. CCSS Number &. Operations. Wednesday: 1st Site Visit. -‐ Dot Talk. -‐ Student Task. Thursday: ...... foundation serves well to prevent future problems and provide a respectful way of dealing with those problems that do occur. Promote Respect. Daily routines.


Place Value: Representing And Comparing Numbers (1st grade)

Unit Title: Place Value: Representing and Comparing Numbers. Grade Level: 1st Grade. Subject/Topic Area(s): Math. Designed By: Leah Sanchez & Rebecca Zelaya. Time Frame: 15 days. School District: NISD. School: Bonnie Ellison Elementary. School Address and Phone: 7132 Oak Dr., San Antonio, TX 78256. 210-398- ...


Effective Transitional Strategies for the First Grade Classroom

goal of this research study was to discover effective transition strategies for first grade students to increase time on-task behavior ..... The researcher will continue using the musical strategy for this daily transition and will begin implementing the visual timer strategy for the transition into math learning time. The researcher ...


1st Grade Numerical Fluency

Unit Title: Number, Numbers Everywhere! But Whatever Do I Think? 1st Grade Numerical Fluency. Grade Level: 1st. Subject/Topic Area(s): Mathematics Number sense, numerical fluency. Designed ... This unit is designed as a beginning of the year math unit. ... Students will use a zookeeper log to complete their daily tasks.


Grades 3-5: The First 10 Days Launching Mathematics in the

Launching Mathematics in the Common Core Classroom. Los Angeles Unified • Grades 3-5: First 10 Days of School • Adapted from Carroll County, MD. 2. Establishing the Daily Math Routine. Number Talk. Problem-Solving. Independent Work Time. Establishing a daily math routine that is flexible and can be adapted to a ...

Grades 3-5 First 10 Days 3.13.15.pdf

The Effect of Cognitively Guided Instruction on Students' Problem

Guided Instruction (CGI) professional development on students' problem solving strategies and the effect of ... all first and second grade teachers should have the knowledge of students' thinking and the progression that they ... mathematics achievement showed that second grade students who were in the derived facts /.


Early numeracy: technical adequacy of select kindergarten and first

Feldmann, Gregory Michael. "Early numeracy: technical adequacy of select kindergarten and first grade screening measures. ... screening and monitoring of math development in early elementary to ensure progress for all students. ...... develop strategies to solve problems that range from basic number ordering to inventing.


Using Student Work to Support Professional Development in

the “curriculum” was guided by the CGI frameworks, teachers provided their own “texts” for study. For each monthly meeting, we gave the teachers a mathematical problem to pose to their students, first adapting it to their grade level should they choose. The facilitators played an important role in helping guide and select the ...


Jazmyne, a first grader in my classroom, gave me a note that read

tion (CGI). The supporting text was Children's. Mathematics: Cognitively Guided Instruction. (Carpenter et al. 1999). Students in CGI mathematics classrooms are prompted to ... the problem but making use of what the student ... Becky Holden, [email protected], teaches first grade at Battle Academy in Chattanooga,.

11.2 Preparing for problem solving.pdf

and First-Grade Cross-Age Tutoring on Mathematics Anxiety

Jun 1, 2016 ... Rougeau, Camille Margarett, "Effects of Fourth- and First-Grade Cross-Age Tutoring on Mathematics Anxiety" (2016). ...... tutoring, as well as problem-solving strategies and Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI). .... Jenkins (1974) recommend that the most effective tutoring programs should occur daily for.