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Footsteps to Mars: An incremental approach to Mars exploration *

339-350. AAS Science and. Technology Series Volume 91 (1997). Footsteps to Mars: An incremental approach to Mars exploration *. Geoffrey A. Landis. NASA John Glenn Research Center .... Quoting from Cordell [3,6]: “The Phobos/Deimos -then-Mars strategy appears to have strategic, science, resource and colonization  ...



Nov 9, 2008 ... exploration of Mars. The Case for Mars III: Strategies for Exploration –General. Interest and Overview, ed. Carol Stoker. Science and Technology Series, 74,. 277-825, 1989. Zurek, R. W. and R. M. Haberle: Zonally symmetric response to atmospheric tidal forcing in the dusty Martian atmosphere. J. Atmos.

R Zurek CV.pdf

NASA's Journey to Mars - Pioneering Next Steps in Space Exploration

Oct 8, 2015 ... steps have been taken through science and technology research aboard the ... 3. Our Approach: Pioneering Principles. 5. Three Phases on Our Journey to Mars. 7. Our Strategy for the Journey to Mars. 9. Our Progress and Plans on the .... A series of Exploration Missions (EMs), starting with EM-1, the first.


Living in Space - 1996 Strategies for Mars.DOC

G. Soffen, Synergetic Press, Tucson, 1990. Banin, A. Mars Soil - A Sterile Regolith or a Medium for Plant Growth?, 1988, in The Case For Mars III,. AAS 87- 265 American Astronomical Society Science and Technology Series. Vol.74 1989 pp. 559-571. Banin, A., Carle, G. C., Chang, S., Coyne, L., Orenberg, J., Scattergood, ...


European space exploration: strategic considerations of human

Aug 25, 2014 ... 2.3 The International Space Station. 6. 2.4 The ESA space science programme. 6 . 2.5 Space exploration: the importance of a long-term strategy. 7. 3. Possible .... Driving the latter are scientific enquiry (including life and engineering sciences), broader considerations of technology and economy, as well as ...


Science Planning for Exploring Mars

ii. This research was carried out at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of. Technology, under a contract with the National Aeronautics and Space ... Mars. The strategy for exploring Mars described here is realized in a series of spacecraft that carry instruments judged by NASA and the science community to be ...


2002-01-2431 Architectural Considerations for a Minimum Mass

A Manned Mars Artificial Gravity. Vehicle, AAS 87-203. The Case for Mars III: Strategies for. Exploration – General Interest and Overview, p. 325-352. Vol. 74, Science and Technology Series, American. Astronautical Society. San Diego, California, USA: Univelt, Inc. 27. Staehle, Robert L. (1989). Earth Orbital Preparations for.


Future Missions and Technologies within ESA's Mars Robotic

Long term: strategic and enabling technologies for European Robotic Exploration ... 1. Network Science mission (2-6 probes), possibly including a high precision landing demo. 2. Sample return from a moon of Mars (Deimos or Phobos). 3. Mars ... Possible added element to MSR (in particular in case the fetching rover and.



Mars, extremophiles. INTRODUCTION. Mars is considered the ultimate target for terraforming. There are at least four levels of inquiry concerning biology ..... Mars. The Case for Mars. (Ed. Boston, P. J.). American. Astronautical Society Science and Technology Series 57: 209-232. Meyer, T. R. and C. P. McKay, C. P. 1989.


Strategic Options for Chinese Space Science and Technology

Page 3 ... CAS report are intended to guide the science and technology policies of Chinese government departments, research organizations, universities, and commercial enterprises ... Earth observation, and space exploration began in earnest in the mid-1980s after the chaos of the Cultural Revolution subsided. Chinese ...


A New Vehicle for Planetary Surface Exploration: The Mars

Feb 1, 2005 ... 1. Janes, D.: “The Mars Ball: A Prototype Martian Rover,” AAS 87-272, The Case For Mars III, Part II - Volume. 75, AAS Science and Technology Series, Eds. Carol R. Stoker, 1989, pp. 569-574. 2. Hajos, G., Jones, J., Behar A., Dodd, M.: "An Overview of Wind-Driven Rovers for Planetary Exploration,".


An Overview of Recent Coordinated Human Exploration Studies

Lunar Observatory. • Lunar Outpost to Early Mars Evolution. Office of Exploration - 1989 Case Studies. • Lunar Evolution. • Mars Evolution. • Mars Expedition ..... Science. Technology. Human Health. & Performance. Missions. Robotic. Exploration. Team. (Haynes). • Science exploration strategy development-JPL (S) .

Recent Human Exploration Studies DPT JSC Jan_00.pdf

Robotic Mars Strategy

Introduction. 2. Context for 2006 Plan. 3. Status of Mars Exploration. 4. Science Pathway and. Implementation Strategy. 5. Sustaining Elements of the. Strategy. 6. ... Table 1. Mars. Advanced Plan- ning Group. Members. 3. Dan McCleese (Chair ). Jet Propulsion Laboratory,. California Institute of Technology. Mike Meyer.


Mars Wars

Hogan, Thor. Mars wars : the rise and fall of the Space Exploration Initiative /. Thor Hogan. p. cm. -- (The NASA history series) (NASA SP-2007-4410). Includes bibliographical references and index. 1. Space Exploration Initiative (U.S.) 2. Space flight to. Mars--Planning--History--20th century. 3. United States. National.


Searching for Life: the Case for Halobacteria on Mars

STAIF Conference on Space Exploration Technology,. Albuquerque. NM, Feb. 11 -15, 2001. Searching for Life: the Case for Halobacteria on Mars. Geoffrey A. ... To search for life, then, the strategy is to search for the conditions that will allow liquid water. CONDITIONS. FOR. WATER. ON MARS. The surface environment.


MARS 2020 MISSION: Science Rover

California Institute of Technology. MARS 2020 Project. Outline. 1) Mission Context and Scientific Objectives. 2) Implementation Strategy and Timeline. 3) ... Opportunity –. Mars Exploration. Rover. Current & Future Mars Missions. InSight. Explore Habitability. Follow the Water. EVOLVING MARS SCIENCE THEMES.


Material Processing With Hydrogen and Carbon Monoxide on Mars

Sverdrup Technology,. Inc.**. Lewis Research Center. Cleveland, OH 44135. ON MARS. ABSTRACT. This study examines several novel proposals for propellant production from carbon dioxide and monoxide and hydrogen. We also examine potential uses of CO as a fuel or as a reducing agent in metal oxide processing as.


Canadian Scientific Priorities for the Global Exploration Strategy

Page 3 of 90. Executive Summary. As humanity looks beyond Earth to other planets and moons, the science and technology required to realize missions to these .... Exploration Strategy. It is organized in ten chapters, beginning with disciplines largely concerned with understanding planets (astrobiology; Mars atmosphere; ...


Flight Power Scaling of Airplanes, Airships, and Helicopters

22Clapp, W. M., “Dirigible Airships for Martian Surface Exploration,”. The Case for Mars II, Vol. 62, American Astronautical Society Science and. Technology Series, 1984, pp. 489–496. 23Augenstein, B. W., “The Mars Airplane Revived—Global Mars Surface. Surveys,” The Case for Mars III, Vol. 75, American Astronautical ...


A Lunar L2-Farside Exploration and Science Mission Concept with

Center for Lunar Science and Exploration, USRA Lunar and Planetary Institute, 3600 Bay Area. Blvd., Houston, TX ... Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, MS 138-308, 4800 Oak Grove. Dr., Pasadena .... in Section 2. In Section 3, a landing site is proposed for the robotic lander/rover on the farside – ...