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NASA facts

help students select a career and formulate the educational schedule needed to reach the goal. Students who consider working at NASA in a technical discipline are also encouraged to contact their choice of accredited universities to determine whether they offer instruction in the aerospace field. Astronauts. Although NASA ...


Lesson Title: Astronauts and the ISS Subject Grade Level Timeline

Lesson Title: Astronauts and the ISS. Subject. Grade Level. Timeline. Education and career paths, physical fitness. 5 - 8. 20 - 30 minutes. Objectives. This lesson investigates the path to become an astronaut with NASA. In the accompanying video, astronaut. Joe Acaba tells us about his path from starry-eyed young boy, ...


Mass vs. Weight Careers In Space

Description. Students will be introduced to the three astronauts on the International Space Station. (ISS) who are featured in the Mass vs. Weight video clips. Students will explore the astronauts' backgrounds, experiences, interests, and careers. This information will guide them to better understand the importance of these ...


Analysis of age as a factor in NASA astronaut selection and career

Jul 27, 2017 ... Citation: Kovacs GTA, Shadden M (2017) Analysis of age as a factor in NASA astronaut selection and career landmarks. PLoS ONE 12(7): e0181381. https:// doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0181381. Editor: Sakamuri V. Reddy, Charles P. Darby. Children's Research Institute, 173 Ashley Avenue,. Charleston ...


Astronauts Answer Student Questions

missions. There are many jobs on the ground required to support the design, preparation, training and flying of a space mission. Astronauts work in mission control (the 'voice' that communicates with astronauts in orbit), check out procedures and the checklists the crew in space will use, help verify the space station and ...

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Nicole Passonno Stott

EXPERIENCE: Nicole began her career in 1987 as a structural design engineer with Pratt and Whitney Government Engines in West Palm Beach, Florida, where ... In July 2000, Nicole was selected by NASA for the Astronaut Corps as a mission specialist and member of the 18th class of. NASA astronauts. She reported for ...



an astronaut, as well as the physical requirements to live and work in space. Students will conduct an assessment of themselves, including weight, height, blood pressure, pulse and timed score on an obstacle course at the beginning and end of the unit. The unit ends with a student presentation on what career they would ...


Astronaut Scholarship Foundation Inc.

Hosting the inaugural Innovators Weekend & Gala featuring the Neil Armstrong Award of Excellence. This weekend will bring all the incoming Astronaut Scholars to D.C. for corporate tours, networking and award recognition. ASF will also recognize an Astronaut Scholar alum who has excelled in their professional career ...


A Day in the Life of NASA Veterinarian

To interest young students in a career involving biology, mathematics, and applied science. • To promote a greater understanding of the scope of veterinary medicine. Why do veterinarians become astronauts? Veterinarians who train to become astronauts desire to work with other researchers to study what happens to ...


Stephanie D. Wilson

NASA Astronaut. Summary: Stephanie D. Wilson is a veteran of three spaceflights, STS-120, STS-121, and STS-131 and has logged more than 42 days in space. Born in Boston, she attended high school in Pittsfield, Mass., and earned her Bachelor of Science in. Engineering Science from Harvard University in 1988.



Dec 21, 2010 ... of radiation-induced cancer risks in the Japanese A-bomb survivors, the criteria for risk limits, and the role of the evolving makeup of the astronaut population from male test pilots to a larger diverse population (~100) astronauts including mission specialists, female astronauts, and career astronauts of older ...


Lesson Plan Meet Four Pioneering African American Astronauts

printouts of the NASA biographies. Students will carefully read the biographies of each astronaut. Encourage the students to reflect upon the reading and write down anything that comes to mind concerning how race affected the lives, education, and careers of the astronauts. Let the students do some further research on the ...

Meet Four Pioneering African American Astronauts_Lesson Plan.pdf

Teacher Notes (.pdf)

environments can change the heart's ability to properly function. •. During the lesson, students will realize the importance of what will be learned from the One Year Mission and Twins Study as well as why non-astronaut careers, such as flight surgeons, are critically important to astronaut health. •. Teaching time: one to two ...


Lesson Plan Meet Four Pioneering African American Astronauts

down anything that comes to mind concerning how race affected the lives, education, and careers of the astronauts. 4. The groups will then give a presentation on the astronaut they learned about to the class. NASA Biographies: • Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center. “Astronaut Bio: Ronald E. McNair (12/2003).” Astronaut.


Day in the Life: Athletic Trainers for NASA

Some NASA employees will work their entire careers at Johnson. Space Center and never see an astronaut. As an athletic trainer, “you see them at their best and at their worst times,” Hoellen said. Within the three main components of care the ATs focus on each day, the tasks can vary depending on which phase the astro-.


'Astronaut families': transnational lives of middle-class Taiwanese

Most of the 'astronaut wives' studied in this research are middle-class women who had careers in Taiwan prior to emigration, but became full-time home- makers upon arrival in Canada, the host country. The major questions raised for this research are: (1). What are the circumstances of migration for Taiwanese families?


Human performance in space: Advancing astronautics research in

Jan 27, 2014 ... As we pursue bolder initiatives in space, and as China moves towards launching a permanently manned space station, gaining a clearer understanding of the impact of long-term space travel becomes essential to maintain the well-being of astronauts. Serious consideration has been given to human travel ...


From Earth to the Stars: What it Takes to Become a NASA Astronaut

Because a career as an astronaut is one of the most selective careers anyone can imagine, it takes a very specific type of person to make it as an astronaut: someone with extreme discipline, knowledge, and work ethic may be a likely candidate, but that alone is not enough. Despite this, “thousand[s]” of people every year ...


Space careers: A universe of options

Astronauts may be the most well-known space workers, but they hold few of the jobs. (See box.) The logistics of space missions require a large team of workers with a variety of skills. “It takes the persistence and intelligence of designers, engineers, scientists, and storytellers to bring a project together,” says Nasreen ...


Beth Moses, Chief Astronaut Instructor at World's First Commercial

May 11, 2017 ... Manager and Chief Astronaut Instructor at Virgin Galactic, the world's first commercial spaceline, ... careers in these disciplines. ... customer cabin, training mockups, and spaceflight training program for Virgin Galactic's future astronauts. Beth is an aerospace engineer who joined Virgin Galactic from NASA ...