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Capital Account Liberalization and the IMF - Finance & Development

That longer study is published as IMF Occasional Paper 172,. Capital Account Liberalization: Theoretical and Practical Aspects. (Washington, 1998). 19. Finance & Development / December 1998. Barry Eichengreen is John. L. Simpson Professor of. Economics and Political. Science at the University of California, Berkeley.


The IMF's Approach to Capital Account Liberalization -- September

Sep 15, 2004 ... The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has been at the center of this controversy. Within the broader ... 1 The broad international interest in capital account issues that existed during the 1990s can be seen, for ...... Theoretical and Practical Aspects,” 1998, Occasional Paper 172, International. Monetary Fund ...


The IMF and Globalization: A List of Events and Resources, January

Jan 1, 2004 ... of its expertise, like on the functioning of the international monetary system, on the aspects financial globalization, and on promoting sound macroeconomic policies as a precondition for sustained economic growth. The compilation consists of: • Speeches. • Working Papers. • Staff Papers. • Occasional ...


A Survey of the Literature on Managing Capital Inflows

on capital account liberalization, the use of capital controls as an instrument of managing ... Although the literature is still evolving, it provides little practical ...... 1998, “Capital Account Liberalization: Theoretical and Practical Aspects,” Occasional Paper 172, International Monetary. Fund. Eichengreen, Barry, and David ...


In Search of the Macroeconomic Effects of Capital Account

the merits of capital account liberalization versus stronger restrictions on international capital movements. On the one hand, prominent economists such as Paul ... provocatively entitle a recent paper “Who Needs Capital Account Convertibility? ... On the other hand, the International Monetary Fund is actively taking steps.



A. Tweedie (1998), “Capital Account Liberalization, Theoretical and Practical Aspects”, IMF. Occasional Paper No. 172, Washington DC. FOLKERTS-LANDAU, D., T. Ito and others (1995), International Capital Markets: Developments,. Prospects and Policy Issues, IMF. GARBER, P.M. (1998), “Derivatives in International ...



1 Introduction. Capital controls are back. The International. Monetary Fund has softened its earlier opposition to their use (IMF 2012). Some emerging markets. ( Brazil, for example) ... updated version of this paper are available at http://faculty. haas.berkeley.edu/ .... on transactions on the capital account. Why capital controls ...


Capital Flows, Capital Account Liberalisation and Mediterranean

Working Paper. BANK OF GREECE. CAPITAL FLOWS, CAPITAL. ACCOUNT LIBERALISATION AND. MEDITERRANEAN COUNTRIES. Heather D. Gibson ... including increased access to international capital markets, greater FDI inflows and .... aggregates (where available from IMF's International Financial Statistics).


Capital Account Liberalization and Exchange Rate Flexibility in China

2005 International Monetary Fund. PDP/05/1. IMF Policy Discussion Paper. Asia and Pacific Department. Putting the Cart Before the Horse? Capital Account Liberalization and Exchange Rate Flexibility in China. Prepared by Eswar Prasad , Thomas Rumbaugh, and Qing Wang1. January 2005. Abstract. This Policy ...

PuttingTheCartBeforeTheHorse-CapitalAccountLiberalizationandExchangeR ateFlexibilityInChina.pdf

PDF oficial , 46 P ginas

1998. “Capital Account Liberalization: Theoretical and Practical Aspects.” International Monetary Fund Occasional Paper 172. Washington. Frankel, Jeffrey, Sergio Schmukler, and Luis Servén. 2000. “Global Transmission of Interest. Rates: Monetary Independence and Currency Regime.” World Bank Research Working.



remarks are my own and they should not be attributed to the International Monetary Fund. I .... IMF envisages its role to evolve with regard to capital account liberalization. II. Macroeconomic Environment. The main focus of the paper is on the relationship of capital opening with the microeconomic aspects of financial sectors.


The International Financial Architecture

Jul 30, 2011 ... NBER working paper. Capital controls. * Barry Eichengreen, Micheal Mussa, Giovanni Dell‟Ariccia, Enrica Detragiache, Gian Maria. Milesi-Ferretti, and Andrew Tweedie, “Capital Account Liberalization: Theoretical and Practical. Aspects”, IMF Occasional Paper 172. * Nicolas E. Magud, Carmen M.


Financial Liberalization in East Asia

Paper No. 190 International Monetary Fund 2000) 6. 6 ibid 7. 7 ibid. 8 B Eichengreen et al 'Capital Account Liberalization: Theoretical and Practical Aspects' (Occasional. Paper 172 IMF 1998)(Washington DC: the International Monetary Fund). 9 M Kono et al 'Open Markets in Financial Services and the Role of the GATS' ...


Capital Account Liberalization: What Do the Cross-Country Studies

Capital account liberalization, it is fair to say, remains one of the most controversial and least understood policies of our .... restrictions on the basis of statute typically build on the data published by the International Monetary Fund in its Exchange ...... Liberalization: Theoretical and Practical Aspects, IMF Occasional Paper no.


Section A. Bibliography

the social impact of increased international trade, increased international capital flows, and increased ... in the Middle East and North Africa, Washington, DC: International Monetary Fund. Abedian, Iraj and Michael ...... theoretical and practical aspects, IMF Occasional Paper 172, Washington, DC: IMF. Eichengreen , Barry J.


Working Paper 144 - An Analysis of the Impact of Financial

Keywords: financial globalization, international financial integration, external capital flows, economic ... issues of the International Monetary Fund's World Economic Outlook (2001), 1999 and 1998), the Techniques ...... Tweedie, A. ( 1998), Capital account liberalization, theoretical and practical aspects, Occasional. Paper, n° ...

WPS No 144 An Analysis of the Impact of Financial Integration on Economic Activity and Macroeconomic Volatility in Africa SS.pdf

Does Capital Account Liberalization Discipline Budget Deficit?

Abstract. The paper investigates whether free capital mobility leads a government to tighten its budget deficit for fear ... the conservative measure shows that, if capital account liberalization were exogenously imposed, ceteris ...... Practical Aspects, Washington, DC: International Monetary Fund, occasional paper 172 ( 1998).


Introduction and Overview

the most contentious and widely debated aspects of economic reform in the ... wider use of the RMB in international transactions, both commercial and finan- ...... “Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Capital. Account Liberalization.” IMF Occasional Paper No. 182. Washington: International Mon- etary Fund, October.


Convertibility of Capital Account: A Comparative Analysis

Article VIII status of International Monetary Fund (IMF) Articles of Agreement. Convertibility of Taka in .... capital account openness is found to have positive impact on the depth and efficiency of the domestic financial system. ...... in Capital Account Liberalization: Theoretical and Practical Aspects . IMF Occasional Paper.


The Theoretical Link between Capital Account Liberalization and

my theoretical observations about the relationship between CAL and the Currency Crisis will be presented in third section of this chapter. 2. Capital Account Liberalization. 2.1 Capital flows. Capital flows can be distinguished in terms of their original maturity. The IMF developed a three-way division to separate international ...