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Reserve selection in the Succulent Karoo, South Africa: coping with

Biotic diversity in southern Africa: concepts and conservation. Oxford University Press, Cape Town.Google Scholar. Cowling, R. M., Pressey, R. L., Lombard, A. T. , Desmet, P. G. & Ellis, A. G. In press. From representation to persistence: requirements for a sustainable reserve system in the species-rich mediterranean- climate ...


The protection of biological diversity in South Africa: profiles and

Keywords: Biodiversity protection, co.nsenration biology ,training, priority ecosystems, scientists' perceptions. * To whom ... Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, Namibia and the sea (includ- arising out of conservation biology; and actions necessary to ..... Biotic diversity in southern Africa: concepts and conservation, ed .


Patterns of distribution and conservation status of freshwater fishes

richness occur in the north-eastern lowveld sectors of South Africa and along the ecotone between the tropical/ subtropical and ... imens for biodiversity conservation. ...... SIEGFRIED. W.R 1989. Preservation of species in southern African nature reserves. In: Biotic diversity in Southern Africa. Concepts and conservation, (ed.) ...


A zoogeographic and functional approach to the selection of marine

Five major zoogeographic regions are identified around the southern African coast, including a distinct Namaqua province. The Groen-Spoeg ...... HOCKEY, P. A. R. and C. D. BUXTON 1989 - Conserving biotic diversity on southern Africa's coastline. In Biotic Diversity in Southern Africa: Concepts and Conservation. Huntley,.


Pollination in Agricultural Landscapes, a South African Perspective

Fonseca VL (eds) - Pollinating Bees - The Conservation Link Between Agriculture and Nature - Ministry of Environment. / Brasília. p.97-104. ... that are endemic to southern Africa and Lepidoptera are a diverse group within southern Africa ..... editor. Biotic diversity in Southern Africa: concepts and conservation. Cape Town:.


the impact of commercial afforestation on bird populations in

"Avian Demography Unit, Department of Stat&tical Sciences, University of Cape Town, Rondebosch, 7700, South Africa ... vant to efforts to conserve biodiversity. .... grassland species'. The 26 species endemic to southern Africa are also identified and the 15 species endemic to South Africa. Species. Conservation status.


Riverine biodiversity conservation in South Africa: current situation

2006). An appreciation of riverine biodiversity in South African rivers therefore requires an understanding ... Early country-wide studies on the conservation status of South Africa's aquatic biodiversity used expert opinion to .... In press. Water and security in Sub-Saharan Africa: emerging concepts and their implications.


Managing for Healthy Ecosystems

Biodiversity Conservation as the Basis for a Healthy. Ecosystem and Human ... to address these problems, based on the recognition that biodiversity conservation yields tangible human development ...... southern Africa, in Huntley, B.J., Ed., Biotic Diversity in Southern Africa: Concepts and Conservation,. Oxford University  ...


Patterns and characteristics of the flora of the Succulent Karoo

The Succulent Karoo situated in the arid south-western portion of southern Africa is recognised as a hot-spot of global ... Swaziland and South Africa) has an extremely rich and diverse flora, comprising some. 24,500 taxa (Arnold ...... B.J. Huntley (ed.), Biotic Diversity in Southern Africa: concepts and conservation: 202- 223.


Capturing biodiversity: selecting priority areas for conservation using

Key words: Biodiversity, Complementary networks, Conservation planning, Environmental diversity,. Existing reserves ... Diversity explicitly defines biodiversity as a hierarchical concept, with three principal organisation ... 30–50 years supplied by the South African Computing Centre for Water Research. ( Schulze 1997) ...


Species Interactions, Local and Regional Processes, and Limits to

biotic interactions take place among species at the same trophic level withi-n a ... Type I communities, local richness is independent of biotic interactions ...... Biodiversity (ed. E.O. Wilson), pp. 248-260. National Academy Press. Huntley, B.J. (Ed.) (1989) Biotic Diversity in Southern. Africa: Concepts and Conservation. Oxford ...


What to Protect? Systematics and the Agony of Choice

aral: Westman, 1990) to the conservation of the Earth's remaining ogical diversity. This objective is in line with previous calls by scientists ven, 1980; Roberts, 1988) ...... Bond, W. J. (1989). Describing and conserving biotic diversity. In Biotic Diversity in. Southern Africa: Concepts and Conservation, ed. B.J. Huntley. Oxford.


Cleaning .beaches: sweeping the rubbish under the carpet

South African Journal of Science Vol. 92 June 1996. RESEARCH IN ACTION. 275. Cleaning .beaches: ... services councils and conservation agen- cies. They were asked the following ques- tions: What length of .... diversity on southern Africa's coastline. In Biotic Diversity in Southern Africa: Concepts and Conservation, ed.


Biogeography and the selection of priority areas for conservation of

Abstract. Prioritisation of areas for biodiversity conservation has been debated largely in the terrestrial realm. ... This study addresses the selection of marine protected areas for the conservation of coastal fish diversity in. South Africa. South Africa has 57 marine protected ...... in Southern Africa: Concepts and Conservation.


White Paper on Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity

issues concerning the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in South Africa. Seven hundred copies of the document were distributed to a wide range of groupings. In addition, an educational leaflet was prepared about the document, to assist those unfamiliar with the concepts of biodiversity. This was translated ...


Comparison of plant diversity in protected and communal lands in

Despite this concern with biodiversity, there are rela- tively few studies in southern Africa savannas that have attempted to quantify (i) patterns of alpha and beta diversity, and (ii) the relative decline between protected and adjacent non- protected areas, which would provide a measure of the success or failure of protected ...


Lethal effects of experimental warming approximating a future

Jun 2, 2004 ... 1Research and Scientific Services, National Botanical Institute, Private Bag X7, Claremont 7735, Cape Town, South Africa; 2Biozentrum Klein Flottbek &. Botanischer Garten .... succulent species in a southern African biodiversity hotspot to experimental ..... in Southern Africa. Concepts and conservation.


Biodiversity in southern Africa

Biodiversity in southern Africa. Norbert Jürgens, Ute Schmiedel. University of Hamburg,. Biocentre Klein Flottbek and Botanical Garden and. M. Timm Hoffman. University of Cape Town,. Plant Conservation Unit. (Overall editors for concept and structure; for citation please refer to Volumes 1 to 3 separately). Göttingen &  ...


The role of domestic herbivores in endozoochorous plant dispersal

Herbivores can act as dispersal vectors by purposely or accidentally ingesting ripe fruits, and thus endozoochory is one determining factor for plant distribution patterns. The objective of our study was to investigate to what extent plants of major taxonomic groups of the Knersvlakte. (Succulent Karoo, South Africa) are ...


The Mesofilter Concept and Biodiversity Conservation in Afro

KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, to optimise biodiversity conservation planning for such ... The concept of the mesofilter as a practical biodiversity conservation ..... In Huntley BJ (ed.) Biotic Diversity in. Southern Africa: concepts and conservation . Oxford University Press, Cape Town. Ellis, E.C., Goldewijk, K.K., Siebert, S., ...