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which the 'native good, aliens bad' discourse might be a barrier to all citizens' participation [...] FALL, Juliet Jane. Biosecurity and ecology: beyond the nativist debate. In: Kezia Barker, Andrew. Dobson, Sarah Taylor. Biosecurity : the socio- politics of invasive species and infectious diseases. Abingdon : Earthscan/ Routledge ...


Designing local institutions for cooperative pest management to

In Biosecurity: The Socio-politics of Invasive Species and. Infectious Diseases, eds. A. Dobson, K. Barker and S. L. Taylor, 3–27. Oxon,. Great Britain: Routledge. Berkes, F. 2010. Devolution of Environment and Resources Governance: Trends and Future. Environmental Conservation 37(04):489–500. Carlsson, L. G. and ...


communicating invasion: understanding social anxieties around

invasive species. Qvenild et al. (2014) stand as a rel ative exception, with their analysis of the engage ment of amateur gardeners with categories of ¶alienΓ, ...... in DOBSON, A., BARKER, K. and TAYLOR, S. L.. (eds): Biosecurity: The Socio politics of Invasive Species and. Infectious Diseases. Routledge, Abingdon, pp.


Biosecurity: securing circulations from microbes to the macrocosm

example immuno-incompetence is not a product of industrial human-animal relations but of geological-biological relations – the fragile island environment rather than the fragile chicken body. This points to a wider issue within the biosecurity literature. Just as Philips (2013) critiques the captivation of eventual over everyday ...


Harmonising devolved responsibility for biosecurity governance

Biosecurity governance, harmonisation, institutional logics, Australia, devolution of responsibility. Introduction. Biological invasions ...... In: Dobson A, Barker K and Taylor SL (eds) Biosecurity: The Socio-politics of Invasive Species and. Infectious Diseases. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 123–135. Schein E (1990) Organizational ...


Alien species and public health impacts in Europe: a literature review

Sep 15, 2015 ... Dobson A, Barker K, Taylor SL (2013) Biosecurity. The socio-politics of invasive species and infectious diseases. Earthscan, Routledge, Oxon, NY, 1–256. Dujardin JC, Campino L, Cañavate C, Dedet JP, Gradoni L, Soteriadou K, Mazeris A, Ozbel Y,. Boelaert M (2008) Spread of vector-borne diseases and ...


Governing Biosecurity in a Neoliberal World: Comparative

Having entered politics through concerns about foodborne diseases, infectious diseases, and invasive species (Braun,. 2007; Lakoff and Collier, 2008), biosecurity has become the master frame for debates about threats to human, animal, and plant-based ecologies and the policies and practices developed to anticipate ...


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d Social, Economic and Geographical Sciences Group, The James Hutton Institute, Craigiebuckler, Aberdeen, AB15 8QH, Scotland, UK ..... technologies. High. Likelihood of exotic disease. Low in agribusinesses which use technology. Low due to education & biosecurity. Low due to import restrictions. High. Moderate- high.



4 Alison Mountz, 'The Enforcement Archipelago: Detention, Haunting and Asylum on Islands', Political Geography, 30 (2011), pp. 118-128. 5 Alan Ingram, 'Viral geopolitics: Biosecurity and Global Health Governance' in. Andrew Dobson et al ( Eds.), Biosecurity: The Socio-politics of Invasive Species and. Infectious Diseases ...

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andrew dobson: trajectories of green political theory. interview by luc

look at the plants in it, and if you've got something there that is not native to New Zealand, they can just rip it out. 7 Dobson, A., Barker, K., Taylor, S.L. (Eds), 2013. Biosecurity. The socio-politics of invasive species and infectious diseases, London-. New York, Routledge. Document téléchargé depuis www.cairn.info - Google ...


Biosecurity as a boundary object: Science, society, and the state

prudence in political technologies of risk management. Security Dialogue 39(2–3 ): 267–288. Dobson A, Barker K and Taylor SL (2013) Biosecurity: The Socio- politics of Invasive Species and Infectious. Diseases. Abingdon: Routledge. Dual Use Criteria Working Group (2006) Oversight of dual-use life sciences research:  ...


Nuevas formas de habitar la ciudad: hacia una conceptualización

37, n. 2, p. 225-250, 2008. COLLIER, S. J.; LAKOFF, A.; RABINOW, P. Biosecurity : towards an anthropology of the contemporary. Anthropology. Today, v. 20, n. 5, p. 3-7, Oct. 2004. DOBSON, A.; BARKER, K.; TAYLOR, S. H. Biosecurity: the socio-politics of invasive species and infectious diseases. London: Routledge, 2013.


Transboundary Animal Diseases: Assessment of socio-economic

order to prevent or control infection and disease outbreaks. This paper is an excerpt of the ..... The spread of emergent diseases and invasive species has increased dramatically in recent years. At the same time .... affects large-scale commercial poultry units in developed countries despite tight biosecurity measures. Mexico ...


The challenge of modelling and mapping the future distribution and

concepts of biosecurity intertwine the most basal need for food and water to support life with the next most basic need to have safety and security. Indeed, biosecurity describes the measures taken 'to manage risks of infectious disease, quarantined pests, invasive alien species, living modified. * E-mail: [email protected] fed.us ...


CSIRO Health and Biosecurity Advisory Committee communique 2015

4. Managing Invasive Species Impacts – we deliver new approaches to reducing impacts of invasive plants, invertebrates, vertebrates and diseases underpinned by broad capability in the biological, mathematical, economics and social sciences for generating measurable social, economic and environmental impacts .


Biosecurity: Moving toward a Comprehensive Approach

or decrease the transmission of infectious diseases in crops and livestock. ... oping strategic directions for biosecurity policy, political and financial ... Invasive alien species are nonnative organisms that cause, or have the potential to cause, harm to the environment, economy, or hu- man health (NISC 2001). Under this ...


biosecurity, a biodiversity policy dilemma for new zealand

by exotic species has potential for catastrophic impacts on both native biodiversity ... social scientists. 2 . Biosecurity as it has been defined in a New Zealand context is protection from the risks posed by organisms to the economy, environment ... The organisms include plants, animals, bacterial diseases, fungi, and other.

02-biosec'ty-Land use policy.pdf

IUCN Guidelines for the Prevention of Biodiversity Loss caused by

homeowners unwittingly introduce alien plants into wilderness and natural areas; ... species. For example, increased temperatures may enable alien, disease- carrying mosquitoes to extend their range. Sometimes the information that could alert .... "Biosecurity threats" means those matters or activities which, individually or.


Infectious diseases of animals and plants: an interdisciplinary

explored for an interdisciplinary approach to studying the management of infectious animal and plant diseases. Reframing the key issues through incorporating both social and natural science research can provide a holistic understanding of disease and increase the ... disease and the political, social and economic context.


Effectiveness of management interventions for control of invasive

Biosecurity. The socio-politics of invasive species and infectious diseases. Oxon ( NY): Earthscan, Routledge; 2013. 15. Essl F, Dullinger S, Kleinbauer I. Changes in the spatio-temporal patterns and habitat preferences of Ambrosia artemisiifolia during its invasion of. Austria. Preslia. 2009;81:119–33. 16. Vilà M, Basnou C, ...