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Fish Histology and Histopathology Manual

Normal Histology. John Morrison. 3. Artifact from Fixation and Processing. John Morrison; Sonia Mumford. 4. Hematology and Cell Type Differentiation. Charlie Smith. 5. General ... Stains Commonly Used in Fish Histology ...... Systemic Pathology of Fish, A Test and Atlas of Comparative Tissue Responses in. Diseases of ...


Atlas of Fish Histology.

and, in some cases, a more general background for understanding the evolution of behavior. Molly R. Morris, Biological Sciences, Ohio Uni- versity, Athens, Ohio. Atlas of Fish Histology. By Franck Genten, Eddy Terwinghe, and André Dan- guy. Enfield (New Hampshire): Science Publishers. $145.00. viii + 215 p.; ill.; index.


Histopathology of Selected Parasitic Salmonid Diseases

HISTOPATHOLOGY OF SELECTED PARASITIC. SALMONID DISEASES: A COLOR ATLAS. William T. Yasutake. Senior Scientist Emeritus. U.S. Geological Survey ... Becker, Battelle Northwest; the late James Wood, Washington State Fish and Game; the late Harold Wolf, California Fish and Game; Charlie Smith, U. S. Fish ...


Histopathology of gill, muscle, intestine, kidney, and liver on

Aug 22, 2017 ... carpio) and to observe fish histopathology including his- tological ... 4 Histopathology 4. Intestine 4 Kidney 4 Liver. Introduction. Koi carp (Cyprinus carpio) is one of fishery commodities that attracts the attention of both local and international ..... Genten F, Terwinghe E, Danguy A (2009) Atlas of fish histology.


Fish and Aquatic Invertebrate Histology FAS6256

1) USFWS CD Rom (photomicrographs and text), Fish Histology, Mumford et al., published by US Fish and Wildlife Service, 2007; also available online for download at: http://training.fws.gov/EC/Resources/Fish_Histology/histology.html. 2) Atlas of Fathead Minnow Normal Histology, Yonkos, Fisher, Reimschuessel, and.


Histology of the liver of Oligosarcus jenynsii (Ostariophysi

The aim of the present work was to carry out the histological analysis of the liver of. Oligosarcus ... The histological unity of the liver is composed of the liver lobuli, with classic, portal and acini conceptions. The liver has two types of irrigation: one constituted by the hepatic artery, which provides ..... An atlas of fish histology.


Histopathological changes in gills, liver and kidney of fresh water

The present study was carried out to study gills, liver and kidney histopathology in the freshwater fish, Tilapia zillii which exposed to three ...... African Journal of. Biomedical Research, 8, 169-178. 50. Takashima F. & Hibiya T. (1995). An atlas of fish histology. Normal and pathogical features. 2 nd ed. Tokyo, Kodansha Ltd.


Histopathology of gills, kidney and liver of a Neotropical fish caged

Histological changes in gills, kidney and liver were used to evaluate the health of the Neotropical fish species Prochilodus lineatus, subjected to in ... fish caged in the urban stream the most common lesions were epithelial lifting, hyperplasia and hypertrophy of the respiratory epithelium ...... An atlas of fish histology: normal.


histopathological effects of bisphenol-a on liver, kidneys and gills of

study revealed that BPA causes degenerative changes in various vital organs of C. catla and severity of histological changes were ... testing because of its adverse effects on wild life, especially fish. Fish are extensively used to determine the health of aquatic systems because their biological ..... In: Atlas of Fish Histology,.


Morphologic evaluation of the gills as a tool in the diagnostics of

Hibiya T (1982): An Atlas of Fish Histology. Gustav Fischer. Verlag Stuttgart, New York. 147 pp. Hinton DE, Lauren DJ (1990): Liver structural alterations accompanying chronic toxicity in fish: potential biomark- ers of exposure. In: McCarthy JF, Shugart LR (eds.): Bio- markers of Environmental Contamination. Lewis.


Histological Changes of Liver in Overfed Young Nile Tilapia

(2012). Compensatory Responses of Nile Tilapia. 18. Oreochromis niloticus under Different Feed-Deprivation Regimes. Fisheries and. 19 aquatic sciences, 15(4), 305-311. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.5657/fas.2012.0305. 20. Genten, FRANCK, TERWINGHE, EDDY, & DANGUY, ANDRÉ. (2009). Atlas of Fish. 21. Histology.


Histology of the hepatopancreas of puffer fish (Takifugu rubripes) in

hepatic portion in the hepatopancreas of the puffer fish. Introduction. There have been many cases of human ... localization of tetrodotoxin in puffer fish are still controversial (Matsumura, 1995, 1998, 2001; ..... Genten F, Terwinghe E, Danguy A: Atlas of fish histology. Science Publishers, Enfield, New Hampshire, USA,. 2009.


Oreochromis sp.

Keywords— Streptococcus agalactiae, tilapia, Oreochromis sp., pathology, histology. I. INTRODUCTION. ED hybrid tilapia (Oreochromis sp.) is becoming very ..... 5 (2), 88-99. [11] Ferguson, H. W. (2006). Systemic pathology of fish. A text and atlas of comparative tissue responses in diseases of teleosts. United Kingdom:.


Fish histopathology and catalase activity as biomarkers of the

on the assessment of histological alterations and on the determination of catalase activity of the hepatic tissue of two fish species ... Results showed that local anthropogenic impacts were affecting the health of the two fish species under analysis. Keywords: ..... HIBIYA, T. Atlas of fish histology: normal and pathological ...


Light Microscopical Study on the Skin of European Eel (Anguilla

Key words: Teleostean fish - Histology - Coetaneous structure. INT RODUC TION . Skin is the primary interface between the fish and its environment. It is a living metabolically active tissue, allowing normal internal physiological functions, so its condition is important to explain many disease processes. [1,2]. It is a self active ...


Fish Histology session

Kidney, granulomatous interstitial nephritis, multifocal to coalescing, severe with multiple myxozoa consistent with Tetracapsuloides bryosalmonae. Kidney, necrotising vasculitis, multifocal, severe with thrombus formation. Kidney, Spaerospora truttae in tubular lumen. Proliferative Kidney Disease. Aetiologies: ...


Sugestões de leitura_JUNHO_C4

characteristics of approximately 180 of the most commonly encountered fish families. Marine fisheries ecology / Simon Jennings, Michel J. Kaiser, John D. Reynolds. Cota: 574.5/14. Fishes: a guide to their diversity / Philip A. Hastings ...[ et al.] Cota: 597/6. Atlas of fish histology / Franck Genten, Eddy Terwinghe, André  ...


Pathogenicity of viral nervous necrosis virus for Guppy fish, Poecilia

Organisms, 39, 95-106. Hegde. A., Teh, H. C. Lam, T. J. and Sin, Y. M.,. 2003. Nodavirus infection in freshwater ornamental fish, Guppy, Poicelia reticulata- comparative characterization and pathogenicity studies. Archives of Virology, 148 , 575-586. Hibiya, T., 1982. An atlas of fish histology. Normal and pathological features.


Carassius auratus and angelfish (Pterophyllum

Aug 14, 2012 ... Several histological alterations were observed in kidney which include glomerulonephritis, cell swelling of epithelial cells, tubular epithelium ... Key Words: histopathology, kidney, liver, intestine, goldfish, angelfish. Introduction. ..... In: An atlas of fish histology-normal and pathological features. Hibiya T. (ed) ...


Histological Biomarker as Diagnostic Tool for Evaluating the

Nov 4, 2011 ... histological, physiological, biochemistry, genetic and behavioral modification ( Leonzio & ... The fish were then examined internally and externally for gross lesions, removing a fragment of the gills and liver. The tissue samples were fixed in ..... An atlas of fish histology, normal and pathological features.