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GCSE Psychology Resource list Resource list

Abnormal Psychology. (9th Edition). Wiley International. (2003). 0-471-44910-5. Gross, RD. Psychology: The Science of. Mind and Behaviour. (5th Edition). Hodder Arnold (2005). 0-340-90098-9. Jarvis, M. Angles on Child Psychology Nelson Thornes (2001) 0-7487-5975-1. Messer, D & Millar, S. Exploring Developmental.


Care of the Patient with Open Angle Glaucoma

Open angle glaucoma (OAG) is caused by a gradual blockage of aqueous outflow from the eye despite an apparently ... An abnormal level of IOP (>2l mm Hg) with no evidence of ON damage or loss of vision function is .... psychological barriers that often arise. 4. Prognosis. ❑ Approximately 75% of eyes under medical.


Motion perception is abnormal in primary open-angle glaucoma and

ing motion detection thresholds in patients with ocular hypertension (OHT) and primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG). For this purpose we ... of Psychology, Washington University, St Louis, Missouri. Presented in part at the annual ... depth perception) are abnormal in POAG and OHT. In addition, the extent to which the loss ...


Animal Research in Psychology

Psychologists do research to learn more about behavior and how knowledge of behavior can be used to advance the welfare of people and animals. Although much research in psychology uses people as subiects, research with animal subiects continues to be essential for answering some fundamental questions.


Physical and Psychological Aspects of Pain in Obstetrics

Labour as a life event is characterised by tremendous physiological and psychological changes that require major ... psychological factors, cultural beliefs , previously painful experiences, history of pregnancy, social and marital status [ 19]. ...... [65] Halperen SH, Soliman A, Yee J, Angle P, Loscouich. A conversion of epidural ...



Forensic Psychology Program http://www.alliant.edu/csfs/index.php. 858-635- 4772, [email protected] Programs in Clinical Psychology and Couple and Family Therapy. (858) 635-4820, other information same as Los Angeles (above) . Programs in Educational and School Psychology. (858) 635-4772, other information ...


University of California, Santa Cruz Syllabus for Abnormal

Syllabus for Abnormal Psychology (PSYC 170) • Summer 2014. "...whatever ... psychiatric problems are, ... it examines biological, medical, psychological, social, cultural, and political aspects of mental illness. Students are taught ways to formulate ..... Lost Angels: Skid Row Is My Home. Summarize the film (stating an event ...


The effects of heavy smartphone use on the cervical angle, pain

Keywords: smartphone; cervical angle; pain threshold; depression. 1 Introduction . The smartphone ... psychological well-being because it produces the kind of isolation, loneliness, and depression the individual ... inclusion criteria were (1) no abnormal findings confirmed through physical and neurologic examinations; ( 2) ...


Classification and Assessment of Abnormal Behavior

mental health professionals use clinical interviews and a variety of other means to assess abnormal behavior, including psychological testing, behavioral assessment, and physiological monitoring. The clinical interview is an important way of assessing abnormal behavior and arriving at a diagnostic impression—in this case ...


Wide Angle

Literature and film continually reimagine an ever-changing world, and through our research we discover our relationships to those art forms and the cultures they manifest. Publishing one issue each semester, Wide Angle serves as a conduit for the expression and critique of that imagination. A joint publication between.


Global Angling with a Local Angle: How U.S., British, and Dutch

Grounded in cognitive psychology, the approach uses the associa- tive network model of human memory (Collins and .... journalists searched for local angles and reflect the biases in their societies,. American and African newspapers were ... Moreover, journalists made atypical ref- erences to God and the need to pray or for ...


The Power of Fiction: Reading Stories in Abnormal Psychology

A psychology course, for example, might include a reading of The Three Faces of Eve (Thigpen & Cleckley,. 1983/1957) to enhance students' understanding of dissociative identity disorder, and a history course might include The Killer Angels (Shaara, 1987) to help students understand the civil war. In terms of written ...


Surviving and Thriving in the Midst of Anti-Gay Politics

to psychological and social damage for LGBT individuals. There are concrete steps that LGBT people can take to bolster their psychological resistance to the stress associated with these debates. This issue of Angles describes what research tells us about the stresses of anti-gay politics and the tools for resilience that LGBT ...



Baddeley, A.D. & Hitch, G.J. (1974) Working memory, in The Psychology of Learning and Involvement ( G.H. Bower, ed.) .... Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology, 68, 359–366. Fitzsimons, G.J., Hutchinson .... Meyers-Levy, J. & Peracchio, L.A. (1992) Getting an angle in advertising: the effect of camera angle on product ...



dozen years' research in cognitive psychology and risk appear- ..... work, meaning that data come from people with abnormal or .... three angles. This experience arises from the closeness (indeed the connection) of the ends of the three sides of the triangle. Emergent properties are the same as the Gestaltist's “ whole”.


Package 'mousetrap'

May 20, 2017 ... May 20, 2017. Type Package. Version 3.1.0. Date 2017-05-20. Title Process and Analyze Mouse-Tracking Data. Description Mouse-tracking, the analysis of mouse movements in computerized experiments, is a method that is becoming increasingly popular in the cognitive sciences. The mousetrap ...


Occlusal Relations in Children in an Optimally Fluoridated Community

Clinical and Social-Psychological Findings. HERSCHEL S. ... psychological data on the children's perception of their own occlusal ...... logical findings. Angle 0rthodont.,. 40:159, 1970. . Huntley, C. W. Judgments of self based upon records of expressive be- havior. J. Abnormal and Social. Psychol, 35:398, 1940. . Stricker, G.


Careers in Psychology: Forensic Psychology

Careers in Psychology: Psychology and Law. So You Want To Be a Profiler? After the television show “The Profiler” aired, many students across the country thought that criminal profiling looked like an interesting job. After all, profilers can read the minds of criminals and use psychological skills and knowledge to track serial ...


Understanding and Living with Glaucoma

graduate and plans to continue her studies in psychology. Roberta Kameda, .... and angle-closure. Open-Angle Glaucoma. Open-angle glaucoma, the most common form of glaucoma, accounting for at least 90% of all glaucoma cases: ... The abnormal formation of new blood vessels on the iris and over the eye's drainage ...


Can angle of progression in pregnant women before onset of labor

Objectives The angle of progression (AOP), measured by transperineal ultrasound, has been used to assess ... Cesarean delivery due to abnormal labor progress12 – 16, some investigators have reported contrasting ..... Ryding EL, Wijma K, Wijma B. Psychological impact of emergency cesarean section in comparison with ...