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Alt-Az Initiative

Alt-Az Initiative. Update on the development of portable and affordable meter- class telescopes. Russ Genet and Bruce Holenstein. 29th Annual Meeting of the International ... Mirrors, Telescopes,. Instruments, & Research. Programs. ▫ December 31, 2010 –. January 2, 2011 Canada. France Hawaii Telescope. Headquarters.


Lightweight Mirror Developments

Lightweight Mirrors. 27. Lightweight Mirror Developments. Russell Genet, California Polytechnic State University, [email protected] Andrew Aurigema, OTF Designs, ... One goal of the Alt-Az Initiative is the development of transportable 1.5 meter class research telescopes. ... focus on a single instrument or fiber feed.


Experiments with Pneumatically-Formed Metalized Polyester Mirrors

... funds to investigate the theory and realization of like mir- rors. Over the next 5 years, a few people participated in fabrication and tests of them: Robert Hee as professional machinist and the late Samuel. Chapter 24. The Alt-Az Initiative: Telescope, Mirror, & Instrument Developments. 2010. Genet, Johnson, & Wallen, eds.


The CDK700 Alt-Az Telescope

The Portable 0.7-Meter CDK Alt-Az Telescope. Amateur ... knowledge" with respect to the development of low cost, mod- est aperture .... required and the instrument's moment of inertia is minimized. A tertiary mirror, admittedly a significant complication, is required because a compact, portable alt-az configuration is not well ...

Portable CDK Alt-Az Telescope.pdf

Alt-Az Initiative

2010-2011 Alt-Az Initiative Hawaii. Conference on Light Bucket. Astronomy. 1. Page 2. ◇ Conference Welcome. · Alt-Az Initiative Introduction. ◇ What is Light Bucket Astronomy? ◇ Research Programs. ◇ Technology Development. · Meter- Class Mirrors. · Mounts, Cells, and ... Mirrors, Telescopes, Instruments, & Research.


Highly sensitive telescope designs for higher contrast observations

Jun 11, 2014 ... instruments, which are starved for higher dynamic range, for example, those devoted to faint ... mirror by the SOML (The University of Arizona, Steward. Observatory Mirror Lab, Tucson, ... 252 G. Moretto and J.R. Kuhn: Highly sensitive telescopes for higher contrast observations. 500. 400. 300. 200. 100. 0. 0.


Astronomy Developments and Site Testing in East Africa

the Entoto Observatory and Research Centre (EO), comprising twin 1-m alt-az telescopes, has ... South Africa has been supporting astronomy developments in Africa for a number of years through a variety of initiatives. Students from other African countries have been trained through ... The EO Telescopes and Instruments.



Jan 6, 2014 ... Keywords: Instrumentation: interferometers, techniques: interferometric, high angular resolution. 1. Introduction. It has been known .... However, development of high-speed, high-dynamic range “delay lines” in the late ...... Alt-Az Initiative: Telescope, Mirror, & Instrument Devel- opments, Santa Margarita, CA: ...


The Absolute Parameters of The Detached Eclipsing Binary V482 Per

Aug 25, 2015 ... Alt-Az Initiative, Telescope Mirror & Instrument Developments (Collins. Foundation Press, Santa Margarita, CA). R.M. Genet, J.M. Johnson and. V. Wallen (eds). Ogoza, W., Kreiner, J. M., Stachowski, G., Winiarski, M., Zakrzewski, B.,. Dogru, S., Alicavus, F., Demircan, O., Erdem, A., 2012, IAUS, 282, 850.


STAR Workshop

sion instrument rotators allow long CCD exposures of many of the ... developed at the Las Combres Observatory. (LCO) for their global ... mirror blank. They plan on installing these optics in a folded, portable, alt-az CDK telescope. The emerging class of portable alt-az telescopes requires constantly changing. Astronomy ...

STAR Workshop.pdf

Spin-Cast Polymer Mirrors

To set the stage, we mention previous epoxy spin-cast mirror developments and discuss the closely related ... instrumentation. The Arizona Mirror Lab and others now routinely use the technique to form, roughly, the parabolic surface of glass mirror blanks, thus saving tons of glass and years of grinding (Hill et. al. 1998).


Thirty Meter Telescope: observatory software requirements

The Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) will be a ground-based, 30-m optical-IR alt-az telescope with a highly segmented primary mirror located in a remote location. ... selected instrument. In turn, these mid-layer sequencers coordinate the activities of groups of sub-systems. In this paper,. TMT observatory requirements are ...


The Double Contact Nature of TT Herculis

Jan 15, 2014 ... Nelson, R. H. 2010, in The Alt-Az Initiative, Telescope Mirror &. Instrument Developments, ed. R. M. Genet et al. (Santa. Margarita, CA:Collins Foundation Press). Rossiter, R. A. 1924, ApJ, 60, 15. Rucinski, S. M. 2002, AJ, 124, 1746. Sanford, R. F. 1937, ApJ, 86, 153. Shobbrook, R. R. 1984, MNRAS, 211, ...


Prospects of solar magnetometry-from ground and in space

Oct 13, 2015 ... DKIST project to develop such pipelines for ground-based projects as ... on-axis mirrors and an image derotator further down in the .... Design and Instrumentation . The THEMIS telescope on. Tenerife, Spain, is a 90 cm Ritchey-Chrétien reflector with an alt-az mount. Belonging to the French Centre National.


Photometric, Spectroscopic and Orbital Period Study of Three Early

Jul 23, 2016 ... Nelson R.H., 2010a, Software by Bob Nelson. (http://members.shaw.ca/bob. nelson/software1.htm). Nelson R.H., 2010b, Spectroscopy for Eclipsing Binary Analysis in The Alt-Az Initiative,. Telescope Mirror & Instrument Developments, Collins Foundation Press, Santa. Margarita, CA, Genet, R.M., Johnson, ...



HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE FOR A ROBOTIC NETWORK OF TELESCOPES - SONG ... Non-profit academic project, developed under the open access initiative ... path which leads the light to the spectrograph. 2.1. The SONG telescope. The SONG telescope is a 1m alt-az mounted tele- scope. The main mirror is 5cm ...


aspects of mechanical design for an infrared robotic telescope in

Main characteristics of an alt–az mount telescope. 33. 3.2. Drive rates and .... site in the world, the scientific targets, instruments and tools necessary to reach such goals. Of course a mechanical .... are provided for international cooperation in the analysis of global climatic processes, as well as the development and testing of ...


Multi-site campaign for transit timing variations of WASP-12 b

Jan 25, 2013 ... Observatories and instruments (with abbreviations identifying datasets) taking part in the campaign. #. Observatory. Telescope ... is the diameter of a telescope's main mirror, and Ntr is the total number of complete or partial transit light curves. ear ephemeris .... The telescope is an alt-az 1.8- m (f/80) reflector ...


AP And, VZ Cep and V881 Per

Dec 6, 2013 ... Ser. Vol. 362, The Seventh Pacific Rim. Conference on Stellar Astrophysics. Astron. Soc. Pac., San Francisco, p. 26. Nelson R. H., 2006, Inf. Bull. Var. Stars, 5672, 1. Nelson R. H., 2010, in Genet R. M., Johnson J. M., Wallen V., eds, The Alt-. Az Initiative, Telescope Mirror & Instrument Developments. Collins.


hardware and software for a robotic network of telescopes - song

SONG aims at setting up a network of small 1m telescopes around the globe to observe stars uninterrupted ... is a Danish-lead initiative to construct a global ... path which leads the light to the spectrograph. 2.1. The SONG telescope. The SONG telescope is a 1m alt-az mounted tele- scope. The main mirror is 5cm thick and ...