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Model 200 Instruction Book

Insert the stem into the airbrush and give a 1/4 counter clockwise turn. This will lock your jar (bottle) or color cup assembly in place. To remove, pull down and rotate jar (or cup) assembly counterclockwise again. READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE OPERATING. At BADGER AIR-BRUSH CO. we are extremely ...

Model 200NH Bottom Feed Instruction Book.pdf


4 Packing Fluid Needle Set (PTFE). D. I 590 2 n n n n All CM. 5 Needle Chucking Guide. C. I 115 7 n n n n. With Auxiliary Lever. 6 Spring Guide. C. I 590 3 n n n n. 7 Needle Spring. B. I 570 1 n n n n All CM. 8 Needle Spring Adjuster. E. I 575 1 n n n n All CM. 9 Fluid Needle. 0.18 mm E. I 540 1 n n opt opt All CM. 0.23 mm E.


Manual & Parts Guide

Iwata airbrushes are designed for the demanding professional. Modern precision machining and carefully selected materials are used in the manufacturing process to ensure consistent high performance and long life. Each Iwata airbrush is spray-tested before shipment to assure maximum performance and adherence to ...

HP-C 50th Parts Guide_REV2.pdf

105 Fine Patriot

See back page for further information. READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE OPERATING. TO OPERATE. 1) Attach hose to air supply (compressor, aerosol propellant can, or CO2 tank). A compressor or CO2 tank is more suitable for larger jobs or prolonged spraying. Holding air hose in hand, attach airbrush to air.

105 fine patriot.pdf

Textile, Fabric and Leather Application Guide

Aug 7, 2017 ... This guide covers Createx Airbrush Colors & Wicked Colors. Createx Airbrush Colors and Wicked Colors are each designed for application to fabric, textiles and leather (as well as many other substrates). Createx Airbrush Colors are more textile-specific compared with Wicked Colors, offering a soft-hand ...


Createx Application Guide

APPLICATION GUIDE. Airbrush Colors. Wicked Colors. Updated June, 2009 www.createxcolors.com. Createx Airbrush Colors are textile airbrush paints suited for a variety of substrates, both porous and non- porous surfaces. Createx Airbrush Colors are intended for interior application and require heat for final curing.


INSTRUCTION BOOKLET Airbrush and Compressor Kit

The airbrush and compressor kit is compact, easy to use and in a short space of time you will have mastered the technique and be inspired to tackle many projects. CONTENTS. Product Features. 4. Safety Cautions. 5. How to assemble the Airbrush and Compressor and using for the very first time. 6. Instructions for use. 7.


download 2.0 airbrush makeup system quick start guide

DAN G ER – To reduce the risk of electrocution: Do not use the AIRbrush Makeup System while bathing. Do not place or store the AIRbrush Makeup System where it can fall or be pulled into a tub or sink. Do not place or drop the AIRbrush. Makeup System in water or other liquid. Do not reach for an AIRbrush Makeup ...



General Air brush Application. Spraying the Face. Spraying the Body. Body Gun Operation. HVLP Spray Techniques. Chapter 4. WORKING WITH THE CLIENT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 9. Customer Instructions. Room Set Up. Schedule Planning /Pricing. Sunless Packages. Chapter 5. FEDERAL STATEMENT ON DHA .


download temptu air quick start guide

TM. Quick Start Guide. THE AIRBRUSH MAKEUP INNOVATION. The Power of a Pro in the Palm of Your Hand. .... Airbrush 101. 1. Hold the TEMPTU Air about four fingers from the face. 2. Always keep the Air moving in small, circular motions for a seamless, even finish. 3. Use a light touch with the SoftTouch Control when.


Development of an Improvised Manual Airbrush Compressor for

Abstract. The study was set to develop and pilot a manual airbrush compressor for artists use in art and design .In the design of the manual airbrush, three established technological systems were adopted which includes, compressor , pressure tank and bicycle operating system .The idea was skillfully translated into a ...


160040 Createx AB User Guide inside_D

Createx Airbrush Colors are renowned for their vibrant color, consistent performance and incredible value. They're an excellent choice when high coverage, durability and bright colors are needed. Createx Airbrush Colors are made with lightfast pigments and a unique resin that works on a wide variety of surfaces including ...


Hamburg 2017 - Event Guide

Oct 28, 2017 ... tattoo of your favourite team at our Airbrush Tattooists! • Sign our fan wall. • Take a picture with your friends at our photo booth. SIGNING SESSIONS. Signing sessions will take place in the venue on both. Saturday and Sunday. Certain signing session will be for premium ticket holders only, this will be made ...


Airbrush instructions

Read these instructions in conjunction with the diagram of the airbrush provided below. The numbered parts correspond to the diagram. Always start with the back of the airbrush – hold the airbrush facing you with the tail cap in your right hand. a . Unscrew the Tail Cap (14) b. Unscrew the Needle stop screw (12) c.


Guide to acrylic paintingin a post-Floquil world

Plus I've included tips on mixing and storing these paints so they keep better. I've also included advice on how I do both brush painting and airbrush painting with acrylics. We hope you find this post-Floquil painting guide to be your new go-to guide for painting your models! □. Joe Fugate, MRH. • TABLE OF CONTENTS.



5. The spray pattern and color is controlled by the distance between the airbrush and work surface. For extra fine spray, remove the needle cover (part #1) and hold the airbrush closer to the work surface. NOTE: If any fluid blocks the Nozzle ( part #3) from working, move the Needle Chucking Guide (part #12) back and forth.



Save This Manual. You will need this manual for the safety warnings and precautions, assembly, oper- ating, inspection, maintenance and cleaning procedures, parts list and assembly diagram. Keep your invoice with this manual. Write the invoice number on the inside of the front cover. Write the product's serial number in ...



Painting Guide: Flower Knight. 02. Then I use an airbrush to make a second un- dercoat in a pale grey-green color (something like 50% White, 30% Dark Grey, and 20% U.S.. Modern Green). I've created a general highlight on the entire mini (you can see the feet are dark compared to the helmet). This general effect is easy ...

Flower_Knight_Painting Guide-300DPI.pdf


QUICK START GUIDE. 2 attach air hose. Start by taking the hose and connecting one end to the side of the compressor. Next, take your airbrush and connect the other side of the hose to the bottom of it. There is no need to twist the hose, simply push it onto the bottom of the airbrush until it is securely fastened. Now the  ...


vfan aIRbRusH-spRItZpIstolensysteM

8-Step Quick Start. Getting to Know your Portable vFan Airbrush System. • What the vFan Portable Airbrush Includes. • Airbrush Operation. • Diagram of the vFan Airbrush. Maintenance Guide. How to Use 150 Feet of ENERGY with our EDU. ( Energy Disbursement Unit) and our Compressor. Tips and Tricks. Trouble- shooting.