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Against Intellectual Property

AGAINST. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. PROPERTY RIGHTS: TANGIBLE AND INTANGIBLE. All libertarians favor property rights, and agree that property rights include rights in tangible resources. These resources include immovables (realty) such as land and houses, and movables such as chairs, clubs, cars, and clocks.

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The Case against Intellectual Property

The Case Against Intellectual Property. By MICHELE BOLDRIN AND DAVID LEVINE*. According to a common argument, the pres- ence of strong intellectual property rights spurs innovation leading to higher economic growth and increasing benefits for all. The argument seems coherent. No economic agent exercises.


3 Against intellectual property

Brian Martin, Information Liberation. London: Freedom Press, 1998. 29. 3. Against intellectual property. There is a strong case for opposing intellectual property. Among other things, it often retards innovation and exploits Third World peoples. Most of the usual arguments for intellectual property do not hold up under scrutiny.


A World Without Intellectual Property? Boldrin and Levine, Against

Feb 1, 2010 ... In their recent book, Against Intellectual Monopoly, Michele Boldrin and David. Levine conclude that patents and copyrights are not necessary to provide protection for either innovation or creative expression and should be eliminated. The authors note the many flaws of the U.S. system of intellectual ...


Collective Action against Intellectual Property Maximalism in the

Astonishingly after years of exporting US intellec- tual property policies abroad, the United States experienced the full brunt of. Sell, Susan K. (2013) Revenge of the “Nerds”: Collective Action against Intellectual Property Maximalism in the Global. Information Age. International Studies Review, doi: 10.1111/misr.12021.


Intellectual Property Rights Protection through Criminal Justice in

It is my great pleasure to attend this Global Congress on Combating Counterfeiting and. Piracy. With economic globalization and integration and rapid development of information technology, crimes against intellectual property rights (IPR), including producing and marketing counterfeit commodities and piracy as severe IPR ...


Report of the Department of Justice's Intellectual Property Task Force

that protect against patent infringement, and the United States government has numerous international agreements with foreign countries to protect patents. Misuse of Intellectual Property. Misusing copyrighted material, stealing trade secrets, or counterfeiting trademarked products is a crime. Just as intellectual property has ...


Fields of Intellectual Property Protection Patents Copyright and

The right to take action against any person exploiting the patented invention in the country without his agreement constitutes the patent owner's most important right, since it permits him to derive the material benefits to which he is entitled as a reward for his intellectual effort and work, and compensation for the expenses.


Against intellectual property, by Brian Martin

Jul 28, 2006 ... Against intellectual property. Brian Martin. Science, Technology and Society. University of Wollongong, NSW 2522, Australia email: [email protected] Go to. Brian Martin's publications. Brian Martin's website. Published in Philosophy and Social Action, Vol. 21, No. 3,. July-September 1995, pp. 7-22.


the enforcement of intellectual property rights: a case book

protection against unfair competition, and. □ all other rights resulting from intellectual activity in the industrial, scientific, literary or artistic fields. 9. Intellectual and industrial property: The general use of the term. “Intellectual Property Law” is, in English law at least, of fairly recent origin and has become acceptable in spite of ...


Reporting Intellectual Property Crime: A Guide for Victims of

campaign against intellectual property crime in all its forms. In 2010, the Attorney. General established a Task Force on Intellectual Property (“IPTF”) as part of a. Department-wide initiative to confront the growing number of domestic and international IP crimes. Chaired by the Deputy Attorney General, the IPTF brings high.

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The Case Against Intellectual Property

Conventional wisdom: ♢Presence of strong intellectual property right spurs innovation. ♢Secure property rights are crucial – no productive effort without appropriate reward. Our view: ♢Goods embodying ideas should be protected and available for sale, just like any other commodity. ♢“Intellectual property” means the right to ...



INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. The Unitary Patent ... Intellectual property rights ( IPR) promote innovation and creativity, which in turn generates jobs and improves competitiveness. ... between authorities at all levels in the fight against intellectual property infringement, fosters voluntary agreements between internet platforms ...

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Intellectual Property

TPP does not include any obligations on these ISPs to monitor content on their networks or systems. TPP also provides for safeguards against abuse of such safe harbor regimes. Trade Secrets. • The Intellectual Property chapter requires TPP Parties to provide for the legal means to prevent misappropriation of trade secrets, ...


The Fight Against Intellectual Property Piracy in China

Up Against a Great Wall: The Fight Against. Intellectual Property Piracy in China. Michael Yeh. The technological advances of the past decade have pushed intellectual property (IP) piracy to the forefront of international politics.1 In Beijing, Windows '95 sells for four dollars and mov- ies such as Forrest Gump and Jurassic ...


against intellectual property moral rights on economic grounds

Abstract. Intellectual property moral rights must be carefully studied by the business community, which could easily and wrongly believe that the intellectual property business involves only intellectual property economic rights. This paper represent an introduction meant to reveal a contrasting legal and economic reality ...


Strengthening Protection of Intellectual Property in Developing

65. Promises and Potential Costs of Biotechnology. 65. Intellectual Property Protection of Agricultural Biotechnology Products. 66. Ethical and Safety Issues. 67. Conclusions. 68. VII. THE DEVELOPING COUNTRY CASE FOR AND AGAINST. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY PROTECTION. 0 Carlos Alberto Primo Braga. 69.


Intellectual Property and the Law of Contract: The Case Against

In general sound general principles of contract law should carry over more or less seamlessly to the licensing of intellectual property. Those basic principles caution against attacks on standard form contracts that often contain liquidated damage provisions. This paper shows why over a broad range of cases involving two or ...


Injunctions in Intellectual Property Rights

However, the conditions imposed by national law or by jurisprudence for injunctions against intermediaries vary from country to country. These disparities in the enforcement of IP rights via injunction have thus hampered the uniform enforcement of intellectual property rights throughout the EU. Moreover, it would appear that ...


information wants to be free: intellectual property and the

May 9, 2003 ... development of intellectual property and the growth of our national economy”); Michael. Abramowicz, Perfecting Patent Prizes 3 nn.4–5 (George Mason Univ. School of Law, Law and Economics Working Paper Series No. 01-29, 2001) ( collecting sources both for and against intellectual property rights). 4.