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SACE Emax Low voltage air circuit-breakers

143. Automatic circuit-breakers for applications up to 1150V AC. E2B/E. E2N/E. Poles. [No.] 3 - 4. 3 - 4. Size. (40 °C). [A]. 1600-2000. 1250-1600-. 2000. Ue. [V~]. 1150. 1150. Icu. (1150V). [kA]. 20. 30. Ics. (1150V). [kA]. 20. 30. Icw. (1s). [kA]. 20. 30. Switch-disconnectors for applications up to 1150V AC. E2B/E MS. E2N/E MS.

1SDC200006D0209_EMAX EN.pdf

Working with the Trip Characteristic Curves of ABB SACE Low

ABB SACE. 1. Introduction. This White Paper is aimed at making easier the reading and the interpretation of the characteristic curves (trip curves, specific ..... Emax E1. Emax E2. Level of performance. B-A. N-A. B-A. N-A. S-A. H-A. N. Currents. Frame size. [A]. 800. 800. 1600. 800. 800. 800. 20. [A]. 1200. 1200. 1200. 1200.


Installation, service and maintenance instructions for the fixed part of

ABB SACE. RH0287002. Installation, service and maintenance instructions for the fixed part of withdrawable version circuit-breakers. Doc. N°. Model ...... 91. 20. 10. 10. 20. N. 90. 90. 35. 60 ø13. 20. 460. 35.5. 91. 20. 10. 10. 20. E1. E2. E3. 1SDC200225F0001. Withdrawable circuit-breaker. Basic version with front terminals ...


SACE Emax 2 New low voltage air circuit-breakers

1/6 | 1SDC200023D0204 | ABB catalogue. Distinctive features. Performance. The SACE Emax 2 range is made up of 4 sizes: E1.2, E2.2, E4.2 and E6.2 up to 6300A, which enable switchgear of compact dimensions and high ratings to be built with busbars of reduced length and cross-section. The protection trip units, ...


Installation, service and maintenance instructions for low voltage air

ABB SACE. Doc. no. Model. Apparatus. Dwg. Title. App. Resp. Off. Take over Off. Scale. Language. EN. 1SDH000460R0002. Installation, service and maintenance instructions for low voltage air circuit-breakers. • READ THIS DOCUMENT AND THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL CAREFULLY BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO.


ABB Emax Air Circuit Breakers Catalog

and use, making it the ideal solution for the growing requirements of designers, switchboard and switchgear manufacturers, installers, OEMs and users. The Emax power circuit breakers are UL listed and meet the ANSI and IEC Standards for low voltage power circuit breakers. ABB Emax power circuit breakers are available ...


Technical catalogue Low voltage air circuit-breakers

characteristics, installation instructions, use and maintenance instructions ... All product technical data and related documentation can be found in. Internet and is .... ABB SACE. 1/2. E1. E2. Overview of the SACE Emax family. Fields of application. Automatic circuit-breakers. E1B. E1N. E2B. E2N. E2L. Poles. [No.] 3 - 4. 3 - 4.


Bus communication with ABB circuit-breakers

Due to the ever growing use of the automation and su- pervision systems for industrial processes for a better management of the electrical and technological plants the circuit-breaker manufacturers have been driven to implement on the electronic trip units the dialogue inter- faces for bus communication with control devices ...


SACE Emax Interruptores automáticos abiertos de baja tensión

1SDC200060F0001. 1SDC200061F0001. 1. 1/2 | ABB catálogo técnico | 1SDC200006D0707. Interruptores automáticos. E1. E2. E1B. E1N. E2B. E2N. E2S. E2L ..... Leyenda. 1 Marca de fábrica y tamaño de interruptor automático. 2 Relé SACE PR121, PR122 o. PR123. 3 Pulsador para la maniobra manual de apertura.



Apr 13, 2011 ... ABB SACE. Emax UL Listed. Installation, service and maintenance instructions for low voltage air circuit-breakers. Installation and service instructions. 1SDH000532R0002 L2564 ...


ABB.Emax.Низковольтные автоматические выключатели на

Откройте огромные возможности продукции Emax от ABB SACE. Эволюция ... быстро меняющимися требованиями рынка, ABB SACE создала .... 20. 30. Выключатели разъединители на 1150 В переменного тока. E2B/E MS. E2N/E MS. Полюсы. [Кол во]. 3 4. 3 4. Номинальный ток. [A]. 1600 2000. 1250 1600.


Low Voltage Switchgear Vendor List

Oct 19, 2016 ... 1600a Main Distribution Board. (ACB ABB SACE Exam E2N 16). 1600A. 2 x 60 x 10. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. ADDC/LVSGC/14/5970057536. 21-Aug-14. 20- Aug-17. 14. P.O. Box 44045, Abu Dhabi. AGS SWB32 MDB, 4000A TP Draw out ACB type NW40H2 Schneider. Electric make. 3200A. 5 x 125 x 5.

ADDC-LVSGC 2015 Approved Vendor List.pdf

Disjuntores em caixa moldada para até 1600 A Catálogo técnico

Para In=16A e 20A: Icu @ 220/230V AC = 16 kA. Nota: Os disjuntores ABB em caixa moldada estão também disponíveis em versões de acordo com a norma UL (veja o catálogo “ABB SACE – Disjuntores em caixa moldada - UL 489 e CSA C22.2”). Disjuntores para até 1150 V CA e 1000 V CC. Iu. [A]. Pólos. [Nr]. Icu max .

ABB Breakers - Catalogo Tmax 2008_PT.pdf

Low Voltage Products Thailand Price List 2014

MOULDED CASE CIRCUIT BREAKERS (SACE TMAX, SACE TMAX XT, SACE FORMULA) .... ABB Code ANSI/IEEE C37.2 Function. Threshold. Trip time ..... 762/888/1014. 317/407. 425/551. 803/929/1069. E2.2. E4.2. E6.2. < 1600. 1600. 2000. 2500. < 2500. 2500. 3200. 4000. 4000. 5000. 6300. 25. 25. 25. 20. 20. 20. 20.


Emax 2 – Interruptor abierto en aire. Del interruptor al Power

E2.2. E4.2. E6.2. ▫ E1.2 a E6.2, eficiencia hasta 6300A. ▫ Icu=42, hasta la nueva version [email protected] ▫ Icw=42 hasta 120kA(1s). ▫ 4 tamaños compactos ... ABB Group. Desempeño. La gama de los relés para el Emax 2. ▫ Pantalla Tactil. ▫ Graficos a color. ▫ Iconos Intuitivos. ▫ Navegación sencilla. Ekip Touch .... Page 20  ...


ABB S.p.A. - ABB SACE Division

M.Bortoli. Test Standard : The apparatus has been tested in accordance with Client's Instructions. ... The test report shall not be reproduced, except in full, without the written permission of ABB S.p.A. - ABB SACE Division Laboratory. The results ... Circuit-breaker ABB SACE Emax E2.2H, four poles, withdrawable version,.


Emax Low voltage air circuit-breakers

Pushbutton for manual opening. 4. Pushbutton for manual closing ... structure. 2 Single earthing clamp mounted on the left for E1, E2 and E3, double earthing clamps for E4 and E6. 3 Safety shutters (protection rating IP20). 4 Terminal support base. 5 Terminals ... SACE Emax automatic circuit-breakers. 1SDC200076F000. 1.


SACE Emax 2 Toiminnallisuus.pdf

16. huhtikuu 2014 ... Riku-Petteri Kivelä. SACE Emax 2 -. PIENJÄNNITEILMAKATKAISIJAN. TOIMINNALLISUUS. Tekniikka ja liikenne. 2014 ... 52. Ohjaaja. Olli Tuovinen. Tässä opinnäytetyössä tarkastellaan ABB:n markkinoille tuoman Emax 2 – ...... 000003/Documents/emax%20katkaisijat%20suomeksi.pdf. /11/ ABB technical ...

SACE Emax 2 Toiminnallisuus.pdf?sequence=1

Wiring Manual Complete [14376 KB, PDF]

Eaton Wiring Manual. Chapter. Eaton Wiring Manual. 0. Switching, control, visualization. 1. Electronic motor starters and drives. 2. Pilot devices. 3. Cam switches. 4. Contactors and relays. 5. Motor-protective circuit-breakers. 6. Circuit- breakers. 7. All about Motors. 8. Export to World Markets and North America. 9. Standards ...


Low voltage circuit breakers

ABB Low Voltage Circuit Breakers complying with the Standards UL 489 and UL 1066. 3.1. Common ..... 20 - I2t (AMPERES SQUARED SECONDS): an expression related to the circuit energy as a result ..... by Emax CBs type E1, E2, E3, E4 and E6 which cover a range of currents from 400 to 5000A, at 635V (rated maximum ...

ABB LV Breakers working with trip curves.pdf