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Seat Belt Limited Warranty

Defects and Performance warranties, you should operate and maintain your 2005 Acura according to the warranty booklet, and the. Maintenance Schedule in the. Owner's Manual. This schedule is designed to keep your vehicle's emissions control systems functioning properly by maintaining your vehicle in peak operating.


30-6030 EMS Instructions

IAT Sensor. Ground. Multiplex for air conditioning switch and coolant temperature gauge. Reverse Lockout Solenoid. Switch 1. Air Temperature Sensor. P/N: 30- .... Acura/Honda. Description. Function. ECU Pin #. Model: Civic, Civic SI, RSX, CR- V. Spare Injector Drivers: Injector 8. B7 and C5. Years Covered: 2001-2005.

30-6030 Series 2 Plug & Play EMS.pdf

Application Guide & Product Catalog

Creates a vacuum, holding coolant inside the engine without hand pumping or running the engine. • Quickly converts the unit from vacuum to a pressure tester. • No need to drain the block for simple repairs. • Coolant Filling. Application: • Changing Heater Hoses. • Changing Fan Sensors. • Changing Temperature Sensors.


Installation Instructions for: EMS P/N 30-6052 2000-2005 Honda

and troubleshooting. 3) Install the AEM Engine Management System. a) Plug the factory wiring harness into the AEM EMS and position it so the wires are .... 2000- 2005 S2000. AEM EMS 30-6052 I/O. Availability. A1. Engine Coolant Temp Gauge. Coolant dash signal Output Dedicated, works with AP1 and AP2. A2.

30-6052 Series 2 Plug & Play EMS.pdf

2017 Flowmaster Catalytic Catalog

Let vehicle idle until the engine is at normal operating temperature (the engine coolant temperature sensor should read 180° F or higher). Generally 5 to 10 ..... Consult your owners manual, specific warranty information on catalytic converters can be found on the EPA Website: http://www.epa.gov/obd/ pubs/ 420f09048.pdf.


Installation Instructions for:

UEGO gauges, MAP sensors, IAT sensors, or switches for use with the EMS. Note that wire polarity is not important for the Air. Temperature sensor. +5V Sensor .... service manual for more information. The diagram below shows labels for the. Honda/Acura V6. A points to the timing indicator and B points to the 10° before top.

30-6051 Series 2 Plug & Play EMS.pdf

User Manual (PDF)

2005-2007. Edge. 2007-2013. Fusion. 2006-2013. Escape. 2001-2013. GT. 2004 -2006. Innova 3030g ABS Application Chart. Chrysler Application Chart ...... Computer. INPUT DEVICES. Coolant Temperature Sensor. Throttle Position Sensor. Fuel Injectors. INPUT DEVICES. Oxygen Sensors. TYPICAL COMPUTER .


2015 Carolinas Auto Supply House Hesvy Duty A/C Parts Catalog

5/16”x 50' 621-50 $17.15. 3/8”x 50' 620-50 $19.25. RADIATOR OVERFLOW HOSE. 1/2”. 1725. $21.40. 5/8”. 1726. $23.49. 3/4”. 1727. $26.47. 1”. 1728. $43.70. BLACK OEM HEATER HOSE. HBd Standard Grade resists radiator system additives. Meets or exceeds SAE20r3 d2 Specs. HBd standard grade - 3 Ply. 50. FOOT.


User Manual (PDF)

EL. 1997-2005. RSX. 2002-2005. ILX. 2013. SLX. 1996-1999. Integra. 1998- 2001. TL. 1999-2012. MDX. 2001-2012. TSX. 2003-2012. NSX. 2000-2004. ZDX ..... Computer. INPUT DEVICES. Coolant Temperature Sensor. Throttle Position Sensor. Fuel Injectors. INPUT DEVICES. Oxygen Sensors. TYPICAL COMPUTER .



Air Filters • Oil Filters • Fuel Injectors • Fuel Pumps • Ignition Wire Sets • Mass Air Flow Sensors. Oxygen ..... Locate Photo Guide section in this catalog. 3. Find the ..... Abnormally cold around low pressure hose and low pressure side service valve. • Expansion valve opening too large. • Heat sensitizing tube has poor contact.


Why Hybrid Vehicles?

Acura NSX Sport Hybrid, RLX Sport Hybrid, MDX Sport Hybrid. • More are very expensive ... 2005 Toyota Prius II. –2009 plug-in conversion. • 2006 Toyota AWD Highlander Hybrid. –2014 attempted plug-in conversion. • 2016 Toyota AWD RAV4 Hybrid. • The last two for my wife ... Hwy: 53 mpg. 2017 Prius Owner's Manual.


Denso Replacement Emission Control Parts Catalog

Vehicles equipped with an air/fuel ratio sensor have approximately 0.4 V constantly applied to the sensor, which outputs a .... Engine coolant temperature. • Vacuum leak .... ACURA [cont]. MDX [cont]. V6-3.7. 2013-2010. 234-5098 1. -. 234-4461 1. -. V6-3.7. 2009-2007. 234-5053 1. -. 234-4351 1. -. NSX. V6-3.0. 2005-2000.