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Owner's Manual

As you read this manual, you will find information that is preceded by a symbol. This information is intended to help you avoid damage to your vehicle, other property, or the environment. Congratulations! Your selection of a 2010 Honda Accord was a wise investment. It will give you years of driving pleasure. Introduction.


Honda Universal Adapter (Accord & Acura Series) Users Manual

HONDA UNIVERSAL ADAPTER. ACCORD AND ACURA SERIES. HO-30. Accord (all models) 1990-93. 3. HO-31. Civic 3 Door 1992-95. 3. HO-32. Civic 4 Door & 2 Door Coupe 1992-95. 3. HO-33. Prelude 1992-96. 3. HO-34. Civic De Sol 1993-. 3. HO-35. Accord (all models) 1994-97. 3. HO-37. Accord D Door (6 cylinder) ...

Honda Adapter Users Manual.pdf

Manual Transmission Fluid Application Guide

NOTE: Check your owners manual to confirm fluid specification recommended. General Motors & Ford: ... 3-series (E92/93) from 7/2006 production. X3-series ( E83) ..... 1995 Honda Accord. 1995 Honda Civic. 1995 Honda Del Sol. 1995 Honda Odyssey. 1995 Honda Prelude. SJ. Motor Oil API Service SJ. 10W-30, 10W-40.

V-8070 Manual Transmission Fluid Application Guide 6.6.13.pdf


customer service department. In the event they are unable to assist you, or if you do not receive the response you expect, I invite you to contact me directly. Your feedback is invaluable to us as we strive to become the world's most customer- focused recreational boat brand. A thorough review of this Owner's Manual will help ...



EXAMPLES INCLUDE: • Engine and generator exhaust. • Engine and generator fuel, and other liquids such as coolants and oil, especially used motor oil. • Cooking fuels. • Cleaners, paints, and substances used for vessel repair. • Waste materials that result from wear of vessel components. • Lead from battery terminals and ...


Service Manual – D500GT Airpot Brewer

reaches operating temperature, it will display “READY TO BREW”. WILBUR CURTIS COMPANY, INC. Service Manual – D500GT Airpot Brewer. Important Safeguards/Conventions. This appliance is designed for commercial use. Any servicing other than cleaning and preventive maintenance should be performed by an ...


Customs Excise and Preventive Service (Management) Law, 1993

strengthening of its customs preventive functions to include duties for which the erstwhile Border Guards were previously responsible. TIle. Depirtment was re- named Ctustoms. Excise and Preventive Service and given new administration structures to accord with its corporate, para-military and quasi self-accounting status.



INSTALLATION/OWNER'S MANUAL. AM/FM/CD Receiver. DXDM280BT .... DXDM280BT OPERATION. AM/FM Tuner Operation. Seek Tuning. Manual Tuning. Band. Storing and Recalling. Station Presets. Automatically Store. Stations. Press TUNE nnor TUNE llmomentarily to seek to the next strong station. Press and hold ...


Cruisers Owner's Manual

That's why we prepared this manual. It's your guide for safe operation as well as understanding your boat's systems and equipment. It has been written for the ... PLEASE KEEP THIS MANUAL IN A SECURE PLACE, AND HAND IT OVER TO THE NEW OWNER WHEN ...... stickers must be displayed on the boat accord-.



INSTALLATION/OWNER'S MANUAL. DVD Multimedia Receiver with .... occupants can hear traffic-related sounds such as police and emergency vehicles. Failure to follow this instruction ... installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is no ...


OBD1300 Enhanced OBD I & OBD II Scan Tool

For your safety, read this manual thoroughly before operating your scan tool. Always refer to and follow safety messages and test procedures provided by the manufacturer of the vehicle or equipment being tested. The safety messages presented below and throughout this user's manual are reminders to the operator to.


Power Steering Fluid Types Recommended by OE Manufacturer*

All models (1990 on; check owners manual). Pentosin CHF 11S. 82 11 1 468 041 . Chrysler, Dodge. All post-1998 models (unless specified). ATF+4. 05166226AA. Chrysler, Dodge. All pre-1998 models. Power Steering Fluid. 04883077. Chrysler . Crossfire. Pentosin CHF 11S. Daewoo. All models. Dexron. Dodge Trucks.


Installation Instructions for: Part Number 25-104 1990-1993 Honda

Installation Instructions for: Part Number ... Replace the washer between the service bolt and the special banjo bolt whenever the service bolt is loosened. ... h ) Inspect all seals, o-rings, and washers. If any of these components look at all worn or damaged, then replace with genuine Honda parts. Fig. 1a: 90-93 Accord. Fig.

25-104BK High Volume Fuel Rail.pdf

Vehicle Emissions Inspection & Maintenance Rules & Regulations

This manual provides the departmentʼs instruction to inspec- tion stations and inspectors for conducting the vehicle emis- sions inspection in counties with vehicle emissions inspec- tion and maintenance (I/M) programs. This manual supple- ments the “Rules and Regulations Manual for Operation of. Official Vehicle ...


OTC Ball Joint Service Kits

The 6559 Ball Joint Master Service Kit offers complete coverage of Car and Truck /Van/SUV applications. With 70+ ... diagrams with step-by-step instructions. .... service set Nos. 6530,. 7248, and 7249 to remove and install lower ball joints on Honda 1986–97 Accord, 1988–00. Civic, 1993–99 del Sol, 1988–91 CRX, and.


U.S. Public Health Service

1962 - Food Service Sanitation Manual Including A Model Food Service Sanitation Ordinance and Code, 1962 ... 1993 - Food Code, 1993 Recommendations of the United States Public Health Service, Food and ..... accord with the Code's variance provisions, and demonstrated by adherence to a validated HACCP plan ...


AERA Torque Specs

Make. Liter CID. Engine Model Year. Rod Torque. Main Torque. Cylinder Head Bolt Torque. ACURA. 1.6. 97. D16A1. 86-89. 23 FT/LBS. 40 FT/LBS. 22, 47 FT/ LBS. ACURA. 1.7. 104. B17A1. 92-93. 14,23 FT/LBS. 56 FT/LBS. 22,61 FT/LBS. ACURA. 1.8. 112. B18A1. 90-94. 30 FT/LBS. 56 FT/LBS. 22,61 FT/LBS. ACURA. 1.8.


Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® | 2013 Honda CR-V | Honda Owners Site

Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink®. With Navigation [PDF]. Content may not apply to all models. See Related Information or consult your owner's manual for specific information about your vehicle. Download PDF. Need more help? Contact your local Honda Dealer for assistance. Back to Top. Type Here Search. Help & Support.


This owner's manual should be considered a permanent part of the

This owner's manual should be considered a permanent part of the vehicle and should remain with the vehicle when it is sold. The information and specifications included in this publication were in effect at the time of approval for printing. Honda Motor Co., Ltd. reserves the right, however, to discontinue or change ...


MODIS Ultra User Manual

IMPORTANT: Before operating or maintaining this unit, please read this manual carefully paying extra attention to the safety warnings and precautions. Contact Information (North America). Websites: Snap-on Diagnostics and Information. • http://diagnostics.snapon.com. Software Subscription - Learn how to always have the ...