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Honda Prelude Manual - 1988

General Info. Special Tools. Specifications SDBCS. Maintenance C2. Fuel and Emissions Lºſ. Transaxe &. º. Page 2. Page 3. General Information. Chassis and Engine Numbers ............. 1-2. Identification Number Locations ......... 1-3. Label Locations ............................... 1-4. Lift and Support Points ..................... 1-6. Towing .


Owners Manual

thoroughly so you understand the coverages and are aware of your rights and responsibilities. One of the best ways to enhance the enjoyment of your new Honda is to read this manual. In it, you will learn how to operate its driving controls and convenience items. Afterwards, keep this owner's manual in your car so you.


Manual Transmission Fluid Application Guide

Honda all vehicles except as noted. GLS. Honda Manual Transmission Fluid PN. 08798-9031. Synchromesh MTF. 1995 Acura Integra. 1995 Honda Accord. 1995 Honda Civic. 1995 Honda Del Sol. 1995 Honda Odyssey. 1995 Honda Prelude. SJ. Motor Oil API Service SJ. 10W-30, 10W-40. Synchromesh MTF, Premium.

V-8070 Manual Transmission Fluid Application Guide 6.6.13.pdf

Load Capacity of Replacement Passenger Tires

... glove box, fuel filler cap or in the owner's manual. This info is for the original ( O.E.) t. What if we are changing wheel size and applying a "plus" tire fitment? The load capability of the replacement tire must be equal or greater than the original factory tir. Example: 1999 Honda Prelude, factory installed size = 205/50R16 87V .


Honda Universal Adapter (Accord & Acura Series) Users Manual

HONDA UNIVERSAL ADAPTER. ACCORD AND ACURA SERIES. HO-30. Accord (all models) 1990-93. 3. HO-31. Civic 3 Door 1992-95. 3. HO-32. Civic 4 Door & 2 Door Coupe 1992-95. 3. HO-33. Prelude 1992-96. 3. HO-34. Civic De Sol 1993-. 3. HO-35. Accord (all models) 1994-97. 3. HO-37. Accord D Door (6 cylinder) ...

Honda Adapter Users Manual.pdf

Solving Brake Lockup on Honda/Acura Boosters

Proper adjustment can not be made until vacuum is applied to the booster. To properly adjust the master cylinder push rod, a special gauge is required. Please refer to vehicle service manual for specific procedure and required tool (tool 07JAG-SD40100). See figures 1&2 below. To adjust rod position, loosen the star lock ...

PT 53-0001.pdf

Download Child Safety Booklet

Jan 26, 2001 ... However, many children continue to be at significant risk of injury or death in collisions because they are either un- restrained or improperly restrained. In addition, recent ac- cident statistics confirm that passenger airbags may pose significant risks to children in the front seat. Because of these risks, Honda ...


Installation Instructions for: Part Number 25-104 1990-1993 Honda

1990-1993 Honda Accord ... Replace the washer between the service bolt and the special banjo bolt whenever the service bolt is ... h) Inspect all seals, o-rings, and washers. If any of these components look at all worn or damaged, then replace with genuine Honda parts. Fig. 1a: 90-93 Accord. Fig. 1b: 92-96 Prelude  ...

25-104BK High Volume Fuel Rail.pdf

Honda Shop Manual - CT90, '77-'79 and CT110

This shop manual contains service information and procedures for 1977 through 1979 CT90's and 1980 through 1982 Honda CT1 1 0's. Motorcycles manufactured after December 31, 1977 are equipped with emission controls. These are covered in this shop manual, in Section VII (78% EMISSIONS ADDENDUM),. CT1 1 0 ...

CT90_ 77-79_CT110_80-82_PDF.pdf

Proper press-fitting and torque tightening (TT08 022)

The Generation 1 hub unit is a double-row ball bearing with a one-piece outer ring and a split or two-piece inner ring. It is pre-adjusted, greased and sealed for long life. When replaced, it requires careful attention to the mating components and the press-fit and torque procedures for that specific application. The following  ...


REV/SPEED METER VehicleSpecificWiringDiagram

Please read the safety precautions in the Instruction Manual before proceeding with ... Please hand this Wiring Manual and Instruction Manual to the Installer. ... □Installation Diagram Selection Table. ○Vehicles not listed below will use Connection Diagram (1) or (2). HONDA. Speed Limiter. Name. Type. Engine. Year.


Acura/Honda 1990-2002 INST-7800

1990-1997. Honda Odyssey. 1995-1998. Isuzu Oasis. 1996-1999. 99-7891. Honda Civic. 1996-1998. 99-7893. Honda CR-V. 1997-2001. Honda Prelude. 1997-2001. 99-7894/99-7895. Honda Accord. 1998-2002. APPLICATION OVERVIEW. INST-7800 is a collection of installation instruction booklets. Use the Application ...


Asian Import Vehicle Communication Software Manual

and variations in the products that can be tested with this instrument, we cannot possibly anticipate or provide advice or safety messages to cover every situation. It is the automotive technician's responsibility to be knowledgeable of the system being tested. It is essential to use proper service methods and test procedures.


Add-On Vehicle Belts, Buckles, and Clips

Dec 5, 2003 ... $31.88. Prelude. 1988-91. $31.88. CRX (except HF). 1989. $31.88. CRX. 1990- 1991. $31.88. A manual lap belt kit is offered for cars with automatic safety belts attached to the door. Information is in owner's manual. Nissan North America 800 -647-7261. Make /Model. Model Year(s) Retail Price Description.


2001 Chevrolet Camaro

The B4C Special Service Police Package, which includes several Z28 ingredients on a Camaro ... 1990 — Driver air bag is standard; final year for IROC -Z .... Mercury Cougar. Honda Prelude. Mitsubishi Eclipse. Toyota Celica GT. Camaro Z28 Competitors: Ford Mustang GT and Mustang Cobra. Toyota Celica GT.


Pressure & Return Hoses Steering Component Repair Kits

Limited Warranty Information/Toll Free Number. A2. Replacement “O” Ring Assortment. A3. How to Service Power Steering. A4-A5. Installation Procedure. A6. Power Steering Repair Kit Contents. A7-A11. Power Steering Systems. A12- A13. Pump and Gear Identification. A14-A15. System and Component Identification.


PCI54675 Carburetor Jetting for High Elevation.fm

To have your engine's carburetor modified for high elevation use, contact an authorized Honda Power. Equipment ... the appropriate Honda Shop Manual to replace the main jet inside the carburetor with the appropriate size. To purchase the ... The owner wants to operate this generator at 7,200 feet for an extended period.


cs_BleedPage 04#01-Headlights Info

ing the end user to decide which light to splice the wiring to, wheter it be having the LED's .... 1990-1993 Acura Integra. Projector 1 pc w/ Halo ...... after market | performance products | products catalog |. HEADLIGHTS | HONDA. CIVIC. HEADLIGHTS | HONDA. CIVIC | PRELUDE. HEADLIGHTS | JEEP. GRAND CHEROKEE.


differing patterns of head and facial injury with air bag and/or belt

cars manufactured after 1990 be equipped with automatic restraints. Two types of ... use a manual Iap/shoulder belt in vehicles with air bags than in cars that ... '88 Honda Prelude. '93 Honda Prelude. '91 Saturn SL2. '93 Saturn SL2. '88 Dodge Shadow. '91 Dodge Shadow. . Belt. Airbag. Bclt. Airbag. Be l t. Airbag. Belt.



Jan 3, 1997 ... Transportation Research Center. The 13th edition of this manual (the 1990 calendar year version) was produced by staff at NCSA. A collaborated and comprehensive review was performed by the NASS Zone Centers: Transportation Research Center at Indiana University and Franklin Research Division of.